Rosemary Lemon Tea

Rosemary tea is the first herbal tea I’ve ever made myself. I went into it with a bit of trepidation about the taste though I was fully confident about its benefits, so I worked past that (now I know was silly) fear.

Here’s how I made it:

  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Pour in 2 tbsps of rosemary and stir. Let steep
  3. Add lemon juice and honey to taste.

For most herbal teas, I’ve found lemon juice and honey to be the best for adjusting flavor without drastically shifting benefits and taste. That and they each carry their own benefits.

Here’s the benefits I can attest to:
– immediately warming (stimulates circulation and digestive system)
– alleviates headaches
– improves concentration

2 thoughts on “Rosemary Lemon Tea

    • asaliearthwork says:

      I certainly encourage it. If you like a bit of tang keep the lemon, if you prefer the sweet and savory just do the rosemary and honey. It’s absolutely soothing and warming. I found myself running home to make it today after coming in from a sudden dip in temperature. I also like that it soothes me without completely turning me off, so I can still do work after if I want to.


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