Tens Across the Board

There is very little that sends me running from my tarot spread like the Ten of Swords and the Ten of Wands. So imagine how I felt when I drew and got not one but both Tens.


card layout & order: (3. clarification) (1. one card draw) (2. clarification)

Unfortunately, I left the spread where it was without much meditation went about my day like it hadn’t happen. Just, nope! Not thinking about it. That was sometime last week. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Spirit is that what was meant to be said will be said again and again if the need is urgent enough. So looking to do a daily draw tonight, and purposely using the Mythical Goddess Tarot because I wanted a deck infused with love and clarity, I laid out my spread. Then I just had to laugh and go make some more chamomile-lavender tea because you know what, FML.


card order & layout: (3) (1) (2)

What I did appreciate was the difference in the tone of the message here. It was less “get your shit together as of yesterday!” and more “okay, so it’s a bit rough going but here’s the plan”. Which honestly, when you’re in a down sort of place, you’re more likely to listen to.

#1: What am I seeking/working towards?
Power – Lilith (4 – The Emperor) –
one of my birth cards

#2: What will I require to achieve this goal?
Balance (2 of Swords)

#3: What is blocking me right now from this path?
Self-Destruction (10 of Wands)

An understanding reading that also invites my own understanding. This I can deal with. One of these days I’ll go a whole month without pulling these two Tens for myself. One of these days. After a lot of work and healing. One of these days.

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