Herbal teas are absolutely amazing. They restore, heal, and refresh. Tea can get old though, and as I find it impossible to have anything other than hot tea (with the exception of hibiscus), it can get especially old in the summer. I have a great way around this. A refreshing herb and fruit juice.


Decide for yourself what your combination will be for herbs and fruit, according to your health, needs, and wants. For myself I chose:-

-Berries (antioxidants)
-Thyme (boosts mood and energy)
-Rosemary (protective and cleansing)
-Lavender (sweetening and soothing)

1. Boil some water for tea and steep the herbs.

2. Run your fruit through your juicer or blender, depending if you want a juice or more of a smoothie consistency.

3. Pour the herb tea, filtered, into a pitcher of the juice/smoothie, mix well.

Chill & Enjoy!!

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