Healing in the Brackish Waters

This full moon in Pisces, Yemaya & Oshun called me to the brackish waters, where river meets ocean, where the separation of the two waters is proven false. What is to be found at this union of saltwater and freshwater? What is released and taken in. Brackish waters get a bad rap… but there’s healing to be found there too!

source: river meets the ocean

This reading is dedicated to these two mothers who hold me close at the union of this full circle supermoon.

Even before I begin, the Queen of Stones (Wands) jumps out to oversee the proceedings.



from littleredtarot.com

wpid-20150829_231823.jpg1. Things to let go of:
THE FOOL: the ultimate jump and let go card shows up to salute me in my coming new journey. She carries a lotus sack, which to me tells of an open heart. I’m comforted by that image despite the rather striking serpent waiting for the mouse. But hey, there’s every chance she jumps far enough to miss the serpent entirely.

2. Things to keep:
KING OF BLOOMS: Yeye O! Oshun’s capacity for highest and transformative love is my first instinct. Mirrored by Yemaya’s second showing in this spread in the Queen of Blooms (please note that I don’t hold to the Queen/King hierarchy when I draw these connections; Oshun & Yemaya are sisters who share quite a bit- meeting at the brackish waters).

3. Things yet to come
KING OF STONES: Another King/Queen mirror, the Queen of Stones had already jumped in the mix. Come through Pisces Moon! Fruition of creativity, peak creation and vitality. I love it. This is also a very Oshun energy for me. I’m loving this spread already.

4. How the world affects you
THE HERMIT (reverse): Oh dear, it draws me outside of myself, and pulls me from center. Gotta watch this. This echoes a message I received just yesterday. Upside down, the hibernating bear looks buried instead of cradled. There’s something to that.

5. What to give
QUEEN OF BLOOMS: I need to sit with what Yemaya is asking of me to release/share some more. I hear share a lot though. A giving of myself- in balance… not so much that I forget to nurture and self-mother. The part of me that is a teacher, for self and others. Also in alignment for my new journey.

6. What to receive
THREE OF BONES (reverse): Oh, the Bones suit in this deck can be such a struggle sometimes with how bare it is in comparison to all the others. In consideration of the more traditional meanings, there’s something here about breaking off and treading a new path on my own for a while. That lower bone leaving the other two with the little mushrooms (that look like little houses) bloomed on it. There’s a reason that the only other imbalance comes from The Hermit in reverse. Which rather practically matches where I’m at, leaving found family to go off to a city where I’ll be on my own.

7. What to learn
SIX OF PLUMES: Release what no longer serves you at the brackish waters, and sail off (in whatever direction, to river or ocean) to a new beginning.



Dynamic addition to my Tarot of the QTPOC list (highlighting decks that feature queer/trans/non-binary folx or people of color or any combination thereof)!

Created by artist Danny Hirajeta of Iron Clown Studios, The Hirajeta Tarot deck’s art is bracing, diverse, gripping, and way on that side of out there. So of course I love it.


While I can’t speak to whether the artist intended on the queerness of this deck, I certainly read it as somewhat queer and not just because it’s a little weird. As for diversity, it is certainly that- based on richly sourced allusions and archetypes that will resonate for black and brown tarot users in different ways.



The Empress as its own art piece; This Hierophant is complex and multiverse, I’m in love




a sampling of court cards

Where to get this deck? Quelle mystere. Or at least, it’s a bit unclear.

I can refer you to the artist’s sites however.
@Deviant Art

The answer lies therein somewhere. Should you find The Hirajeta Tarot’s availability, please do share the word!

UPDATE: You might find it over here at Lulu.com

3 Card Check-In for Re-orientation

It’s been a while!

It’s been a mixture of recharge, depletion, and the slow but sure crawl back to centering myself in my work.

A quick three card spread. Asked rather broadly, checking in to where I need to be. It’s also not necessarily in past, present, future or anything like that. I allowed the story to form as it wanted to.


  1. 9 of Stones (Wands) – This immediately read like multi-directional growth, a birth of new ideas and opportunities in multiple avenues. A very non-traditional reading of this particular card. Of course, mixed with the Tower below it realigns with its traditional meaning, indicating a challenge/change to push through to emerge on the other side.
  2. 6 of Bones (Pentacles) – An extra finger for this macabre hand, in keeping with the 9 of Stones I read this as an abundance of resources opening up to me if I should only reach out and touch.
  3. The Tower – Here’s a warning, not so dire though. Abundance of options means abundance of choice. I shouldn’t marry myself to one of these opportunities or resources but should remain flexible in case of sudden change. Should that change come I should also not forget to look to the abundance in favor of worrying the loss.
    [Sidenote: for such stunningly rendered art, the drawing lightning in this card is just sad or maybe it means something I haven’t grasped *shrug*]

Bonus picture of my new bb familiar observing my work.


SIGNAL BOOST: New Moon In Leo Horoscope

I read this after I wrote my post on New Moon and returning to self and laughed quietly with the universe.

All of this relating, balancing, harmonizing and initiating partnerships makes life dependent on others to a large extent. Quite often Libras get whipped up in a frenzy over what appear to be insignificant decisions for fear of tipping the scales and having everything out of whack.

These fears may seem unfounded, ridiculous and even outrageous to anyone who isn’t in your shoes. But they don’t know. Having the weight of everyone else’s happiness on your shoulders is no small task.

Friday’s new moon emphasizes your tendencies to get out of whack due to the needs of others but it also presents you with solutions to the problem. Getting to the heart of what you fear and why is the most powerful thing that you could start this month. What is the worst thing that could happen if you upset some one or some group by saying yes, no or stating your truth? Does their opinion of you mean more than your own? Do you downplay your needs in order to be accepted by the group?

– See more at: Chani Nicholas

Back to Center, New Moon in Leo while Venus is in Retrograde Feels

Forgive yourself.

That has been the overarching message received this new moon.

I’ve had family over, which has always meant for me a hiding of multiple parts of myself- parts that I now realize have become crucial to my well being. This basically means that I’ve rather regressed in my healing in over-dramatic form in the space of a week. Modes of healing I’d ingrained as habit were out of safety and necessity’s sake avoided and left untapped, in big and small ways.

The freedom of going to the river to (visibly) hang with Oshun, call on my Warriors, wear my Ilekes, work Tarot, meditate with crystals, etc is taken from me, or rather I allow it to be taken from me for these safety and necessary reasons. Knowing how ingrained to self and spirit these things are, I then feel guilty for not being bold enough to be fully myself which more or less taps into the low mood swing.

A week of this and I now realize that not only did I stop doing the very visible things, I subconsciously stopped doing the little things I could probably get away with without much mention like making myself herbal tea with intention, burning sage and incense, taking clearing and bringing baths, wearing my crystals. That’s the thing about subduing yourself, you don’t even realize what else you repress.

I just lit a candle for Yemaya, lit some rosemary incense, and drank some tea:- ginger, rosemary, dandelion root, just a bit of hibiscus, with lemon&honey- charged with intention to clear and release (you should try this if you need some release). As soon as I finished my tea I felt immediately centered, aware of myself again, in touch with the pieces I missed all week. Even with family here, the space feels like mine again.

A lesson learned in returning to myself even when it feels impossible. We always have means to regain our power, in small ways that can feel as vital as the very big ways we put a lot of stock in. This new moon calls for us to return to self- particularly in the light of love and forgiveness as Leo calls us back to our own power.


Principles of Call & Response, using the cardinal conditions spread

wpid-20150805_174314-1.jpgI pulled this spread when going into a potentially difficult conversation with someone. I knew I had a history of approaching this relationship from a place of lack and pain and wanting, and I also realized that I would have to maintain my perspective, self-belief, and boundaries in order to be even remotely present as we spoke.

The conversation went relatively well and as expected, and a lot of that was because I’d been meditating on my expectations and boundaries and the way they showed up in this spread- as if Spirit was showing me how the universe works on a method of Call and Response.

1. The Whole – Who are you in this situation?
SACRED LAW/CROW WOMAN (STRENGTH) – “Crow teaches you to honor your boundaries”. A lot of what I needed to hold myself in this conversation was this exactly, to define my boundaries for both me and my conversant and to understand from where I came in alignment with my “highest understanding of sacred truth”. It was also about doing what was right, and having this conversation was a matter of protocol and realigning. It even shows up in Libra, my birth sign.

2. The Mental – What are your mental conditions/concerns?
9 of FIRE (WANDS) – “Aspects of your essence that have long laid dormant are now surfacing for full expression. Dominant personality traits are falling away as your being integrates with the Source of who you are. You are now on the path of communion and wholeness, so that you may live in integrity and cohesive power in all that you do.” Basically.

3. The Emotional – What are your emotional conditions/concerns?
POWER/LILITH (EMPEROR) – I love it when my birth card shows up. It reads like trusting my own core power and trusting that I have a right to whatever I feel in this situation.

4. The Material – What are your material/practical conditions/concerns?
9 of EARTH (PENTACLES) – This was directly in line with my concerns- namely what my access to a particular community will be as a result of this conversation.

5. The Spirit – What are your spiritual conditions/concerns?
THE SUN/AMATERASU – That everything be clear, and the truth be absolute.

I looked at the picture of this spread right before and leading up to my conversation and it kept me on task. It went as expected and I held my boundaries and peace firmly. Call and response.

signal boost: The new Stonewall movie is #NotMyStonewall


While a big budget Hollywood flick is white washing, erasing and minimizing the trans woc who were the riot leaders of Stonewall there is an independent movie right now in post-production titled “Happy Birthday, Marsha!” which centres on Marsha P. Johnson in the lead-up to the riots which features Sylvia Rivera, Andorra Marks, Bambi L’Amour, Junior. Sad thing is it won’t have the same marketing push as a film from the guy who brought you Independence Day or the recent Godzilla.

Official statement from the movie’s website: “We truly believe how we tell the stories of our heroes matters, so we are drawing upon our community to make this film because we have an opportunity to make a movie written, directed and produced by people living Sylvia & Marsha’s legacy through our own work. It’s been 45 years since the Stonewall rebellion yet the leading role that street queens, trans women of color and gender non-conforming people had during the riots hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. By making Happy Birthday, Marsha!,we are seeking to change that.”

If you’d like to donate and support this independent film here is a link to donate: http://www.happybirthdaymarsha.com/donate/