Dynamic addition to my Tarot of the QTPOC list (highlighting decks that feature queer/trans/non-binary folx or people of color or any combination thereof)!

Created by artist Danny Hirajeta of Iron Clown Studios, The Hirajeta Tarot deck’s art is bracing, diverse, gripping, and way on that side of out there. So of course I love it.


While I can’t speak to whether the artist intended on the queerness of this deck, I certainly read it as somewhat queer and not just because it’s a little weird. As for diversity, it is certainly that- based on richly sourced allusions and archetypes that will resonate for black and brown tarot users in different ways.



The Empress as its own art piece; This Hierophant is complex and multiverse, I’m in love




a sampling of court cards

Where to get this deck? Quelle mystere. Or at least, it’s a bit unclear.

I can refer you to the artist’s sites however.
@Deviant Art

The answer lies therein somewhere. Should you find The Hirajeta Tarot’s availability, please do share the word!

UPDATE: You might find it over here at Lulu.com

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