signal boost: How to make a moonboard


Mama Luna has always been a reassuring presence, but it was only a couple of years ago that I really started to notice, and be fully mindful of, her changing faces and how it made me feel.

In September  2013, I read an interview with Jamie Ridler and her Full Moon dreamboards, and was immediately smitten… Not necessarily by the ‘visioning’ and ‘manifesting’ aspects, but the desire to make art to mark this significant, yet beautifully regular, event.

So I bought a cheap A4 scrapbook and decorated the cover, then throughout the following days I gathered words and images from old cards, diaries, magazines, junk mail that answered the question: What do I want an abundance of?

1st board

Full Moon in Taurus Reading: Reaffirming

I’ve been tired.

Sooo very tired.

Apparently I don’t handle instability well, something I think Spirit- God, my ancestors, my Orisha, all others who walk with me- are trying to teach me through. I can’t say I’ve been at my best. Thankfully it’s mostly come through in exhaustion, rather than full blown depression as it’s been wont to do in the past.

Earlier today I received an email that I was sure heralded bad news; I was so sure of it, I didn’t even want to open it until right before I worked this full moon reading. And you know what, it was great news. A much better result than I ever thought was possible, and wouldn’t even dare hope for. Yet there it was, and immediately Spirit asked me what it was I had doubted for, where did the trust that let me leap as I had before vanish to?

Just in case I didn’t think I was hearing the messages right, my very first pull with The Earthbound Oracle came for my life as it whirls right now.

wpid-20151027_232214-1-1.jpgMy anxieties about seeking a new home? Check and accounted for.

A reminder to trust my intuition? Check and accounted for.

Perseverance through the whirlwind that is my life (sidenote: actual whirlwind happened earlier this weekend on top of everything else!)? Check and accounted for.

Anyway, this deck is live and in charge. A beautiful accompanyment to The Wooden Tarot, though it feels less ephemeral, certainly more “earthbound”. Deck interview to come.

I sleep now.

a libra seeking balance


This may be why I avoid this deck sometimes. It has no chill.

My energy right now is Six of Cups in shadow. It’s directly correlating to a block I had about a relationship being opened to me.

What crosses me in this is my own mind. Over thinking things instead of looking to the abundance it offers me.

How does a libra proceed to be uplifted. Find balance. Duh. Of mind and heart,  as with The Chariot. As major arcana it indicates this energy being what I should move in this moon cycle.


God, this fucking deck.
(I do love it so)