What Creations Are You Bringing Forth in 2016?


In creation mode even as the year turns! Citrine Sweet Scrub by #asaliearthwork custom created for a treasured soul. Naturally looks like the citrine abundance that inspired it. Organic ingredients all the way through for the highest vibrations!

Have a blessed 2016!!

Blessings this New Year’s Eve!

We’re coming round to the Gregorian switch over. I want to say thank you for reading and going along on my Fool’s Journey!

May the energy of this transition propel your visions for 2016 forward.

Have a blessed New Year!!!


The World from The Wooden Tarot

Tarot of the QTPOC & Deck Interview: Afro-Brazillian Tarot

New deck excitement!

The Afro-Brazillian Tarot touts itself as “a channel for the beneficial forces of an ancient magic…the divinities of Afro-Brazilian Santeria, tied with the immortal archetypes of the Tarot”.

Now, that’s not quite so accurate, but going into the details of Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, and Lucumi (and other indigenous and/or afro-diasporic traditions) is not what I’m writing this post about and ranting at Lo Scarabeo (and other major tarot publishers) use of cultural and spiritual practices is its own series of posts.

I’m just happy to have a deck featuring POC faces and deities from a tradition I’m familiar with and recognize. In fact, when merging practices like these with Tarot and other tools, it’s never going to be perfect. Though there are artists from these communities doing that work.

On to the deck interview!

Deck Interview of Afro-Brazilian Tarot

Deck Interview of Afro-Brazilian Tarot

First impressions of this spread result match my first impressions of this deck. I figured it would be an energy filled deck that would often leave me breathless, as indicated by the Wands dominating the spread. In fact, its limit lies in the Cups suit! Figures.

1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
KNIGHT OF WANDS – A dark knight on a white horse tramples over an angry looking red dragon. Okay then! This is a deck of high energy and headrushes. It’s not particularly controlled and is likely to leave me lying flat and feeling ran over. I bet I get the message though, loud and clear!

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
SEVEN OF SWORDS – The imagery here is interesting. While this card often involves a person stealing away with seven swords, here we’ve got seven swords melted together and rather gnarled and curled. There’s some hope though, butterflies around it, and some flowers on the ground. Will this deck bring guide me when my sword edge is not only dull, but gnarled and twisted?

3. What are your limits as a deck?
NINE OF SOPERAS (Cups) [REVERSED] – It is not a deck of wish fulfillment, and it certainly isn’t going to give me all the answers I’m looking for- it’ll instead give me the information I need to go looking for them. With my familiarity with the traditions inspiring this deck’s art, it also feels like a reminder that this deck is not an alternative to those traditions and I should practice as I always have. Cool.

4. What are you here to teach me?
KING OF SWORDS – Messages that come as quick and fierce and surgical as the machete in the figure’s (I think that’s supposed to be Ogun though the colors are off) hand. How to move on circumstances with attention, analysis, and intention.

5. How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
FIVE OF WANDS [REVERSED] – Not by picking at the pieces of the message received that I want!

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
THREE OF WANDS – Well mastery of what the King of Sword’s energy is will result in intuition, foresight, the ability to see the whole picture. It also shows the lesson of patience, sitting still, consulting, and waiting to hear where I’m guided so that I make my next move with full vision. This way even if a message comes to me with the furor of the Knight of Wands above, I can still move forward without panic.

Tarot of the QTPOC: The Vudu Tarot & The EspiritismoDeck

Another POC-centric forthcoming deck from the indie tarot world, The Vudu Tarot depicts imagery from the Vudu Afro-Carribbean spiritual and cultural tradition. It is a 79 card deck reflecting the spread of Vodou across the diaspora and its syncretic associations with Catholicism.


The artist, Monroe Rodriguez Singh, is raising funds for publication, along with The Espiritismo Tarot deck, this one incorporating Santeria and Palo imagery from the African diasporic traditions. A member of the community, I appreciate his passion to give us not one but two decks that center these practices and people of color’s culture and practice in an authentic way.

“I have worked a very long time on the creation of these tarot decks, and it’s a project that is very close to my heart. As a member of this community, I am saddened but emboldened by the lack of African inspired tarot card decks and representation of our traditions in new age society. When I have, rarely, come across a proposed “African” tarot deck, it includes images and cultural references determined by overseas tarot card companies that know very little about our traditions, and many turn up inaccurate or completely false. This gives our traditions a difficult public face to maintain, and is harmful to our traditions.”


Follow his progress on Kickstarter and Tumblr!



signal boost: Radical Tarot Scopes: December 23rd – January 21st

I had the pleasure of guest writing Libra’s tarotscope for this astrological cycle. So much fun!! Also check out all the other signs, find yours, with guest writers including Beth from Little Red Tarot. So awesome!


What is a Tarotscope?

A tarotscope is a tarot forecast for an astrological sign. Previously, I wrote a single tarotscope per sign as a birthday offering. I refer to both tarotscopes and horoscopes as ‘Scopes. I also use the term for a kind of forecast I’ve created that is the first of its kind: a collaborative tarotscope, written by multiple contributors, with forecasts for all 12 signs. Whenever possible, contributors write for their respective sun, rising, or moon sign – no one knows the experience of a zodiac sign like a member of that sign. People say the ‘Scopes are freakishly accurate, as if they were written just for them. The number of guest contributions will vary month to month, but can go as high as 11 collaborators!

(Siobhan’s Mirror – Radical Tarot)

Quick Draw, Transform & Transmute


1. GIVE – THE WISE ONE (The Hermit)


What a great reading as the year comes to a close. According to The Daughters of the Moon Tarot, The Wise One as depicted here is The Crone, The Hag of Winter. She symbolizes wisdom, solitude, and transformative death. As the year closes, remembering to meditate on my knowledge collected and give over to the release of closure.

“The Crone or Hag symbolizes that part of us that possesses deep knowledge, understanding and seasoning. She appears as the dark moon and lives in the unconscious, where dreams begin.”

Going into the new year, possibilities are endless, all roads are open, the weave has just begun, and so comes The Spiderwoman confirming that all the knowledge received in the energy of The Wise Woman, has to be transformed with intention.

“As we become more aware of the results of our acts, we develop more control over them. Our sense of destiny becomes a positive trust in life. Of course, great responsibility comes with this skill, and sometimes we wonder which is easier, the way of the innocent who steps blindly into joys and sorrows, or the way of The Wise One who must make so many careful decisions based on Her knowledge.”

The Spiderwoman card asks, “Okay, so now you know a bit of something. What are you gonna do with it?”


Full Moon In Cancer, Be LOVEly

A full moon on Christmas! How lovely, though that can sometimes be challenging. Cancer brings forth all your emotions, at a time when emotions are already running some of the highest they do all year!

So if at all possible, be LOVE. To yourself, especially.

At a time when the focus can sometimes be GIVE GIVE GIVE, remember to give love to yourself first so that your cup is not bone dry by Dec 31st when you have to get ready to turn over a new year.

May you be surrounded by loved ones- spirit and chosen family.

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