On A Mission To Rebuke a Headache

I’d been suffering a headache all day, a combination of physical and spiritual reasons. It was just this side of a migraine, sensitive to movement, light, and sound… it even twinged my teeth. Unwisely, I just sort of ignored it and chose to lie down in bed and moan miserably. Pro tip: don’t do this, find a solution.

Finally, it occurred to me that I have an entire wall of herbs and I am healer so why not help myself out.


If it was the strength of the intention, or the herbs, or both, I couldn’t decide, but after a few sips my pain eased. The magic was a combination of relaxing nervines and anodynes.

I used: cloves, lavender, licorice root, motherwort, blue vervain, and peppermint (also added a touch of hibiscus for my sweet tooth).

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