Another POC-centric forthcoming deck from the indie tarot world, The Vudu Tarot depicts imagery from the Vudu Afro-Carribbean spiritual and cultural tradition. It is a 79 card deck reflecting the spread of Vodou across the diaspora and its syncretic associations with Catholicism.


The artist, Monroe Rodriguez Singh, is raising funds for publication, along with The Espiritismo Tarot deck, this one incorporating Santeria and Palo imagery from the African diasporic traditions. A member of the community, I appreciate his passion to give us not one but two decks that center these practices and people of color’s culture and practice in an authentic way.

“I have worked a very long time on the creation of these tarot decks, and it’s a project that is very close to my heart. As a member of this community, I am saddened but emboldened by the lack of African inspired tarot card decks and representation of our traditions in new age society. When I have, rarely, come across a proposed “African” tarot deck, it includes images and cultural references determined by overseas tarot card companies that know very little about our traditions, and many turn up inaccurate or completely false. This gives our traditions a difficult public face to maintain, and is harmful to our traditions.”


Follow his progress on Kickstarter and Tumblr!



4 thoughts on “Tarot of the QTPOC: The Vudu Tarot & The EspiritismoDeck

  1. Enhorabuena! I saw this deck cursorily while looking for santeria, vudu, afro-caribbean decks but it was a while ago. Beautiful and one I certainly need to add to my collection. Have you heard of The Ghetto Tarot?

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      1. Oh thank you for the link, so many emotions after reading it. Honestly, as a person of color I saw this deck and fell in love, because one of the gripes I have with the art in many of the decks is that there are no people of color. I struggle with this as if on a see-saw because truly tarot is universal, I don’t need to nor should focus on the color of the skin, that is irrelevant. But then I can’t disregard the propagation of a normative consensus of visual archetypes, the same goes with the queen in the court cards and their ordering. You have brought to light for me certain areas of the industry that I was not consciously aware of, thank you for sharing the article.


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