Queer for Mercury in Retrograde

Ding dong, it’s back!

Though it’s not as terrifying as it’s made out to be. So yes, sometimes things go out of wack, your keys gets lost, structured communication is a thing of the past- and you feel like investing in a radio, some food and water rations, and camping out in the wild is the best call… but what MercRx here is trying to say is simply that it’s really not that deep!

Plans, rules, routines, habits, structures, norms, institutions, bah! Mercury in Retrograde is the universe’s way of reminding us that all that rigidity requires a shaking up every now and then (if not at all times).

It’s the queerest event in the stars-

isn’t that queer politic at its core… looking normativity in the eye and saying “fuck that” while doing whatever the hell you feel, and i mean feel…

-and you’ve got front row seats!

Try and enjoy the show.


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