signal boost: The Page of Swords is a Total Badass by Jack of Wands Tarot

A whirlwind of a great post by Jack of Wands Tarot on the Page of Swords:

“The Page of Swords is an innovator. She’s a little off-kelter, a mad scientist with messy hair who goes running up to a mountaintop in the middle of a thunderstorm (waving around an épée, no less) because she wants to know what it feels like to be struck be lightning. I tend to imagine her as a young, female Doc Brown (from Back to the Future), bent over her father’s Delorean and tinkering with the fan belt; sleeves of her once-white lab coat pushed up to the elbows, revealing grease-smudged forearms and a nasty gash on one hand where she cut herself while working on the engine. She’ll get around to bandaging it soon, but she just wants to finish this one more thing first.”

Check out the whole post, and bonus Clara Oswald!

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