signal boost:Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Black Woman Magic

“When you love me, you love yourself… LOVE GOD HERSELF.”


I’ve expressed my joy about Beyonce engaging Black femme magic before when all we had was Formation. I knew more was coming, and this article articulates a lot of what I’ve been too full to bursting to write about LEMONADE.

Oshun, conjure work, southern black witch magic, the breadth of black women’s power, capacity, and emotion, and all the more still. Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley, brilliant black femme magic thinker that she is lays it all out beautifully.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is grown-ass black woman magic. And the lemons that Queen Bey is working with, powerful hoodoo ingredients for overpowering bad energy, are clearly the Louisiana kind. Lush, troubling visuals show that Beyoncé is the goddess, the goddess is furious, the goddess is victorious, and most important: The goddess is every black woman. Slay

Beyoncé’s expression of the goddess-like wrath of a black woman betrayed is not about her—Lemonade is art, not autobiography, and continues the protest tradition of women blues artists. In black women’s music, trifling men have long been metonyms for a patriarchy that never affords black women the love and life they deserve.

Read the whole article at TIME here.

One thought on “signal boost:Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Black Woman Magic

  1. Leah says:

    Ok so if that’s the real reason or meaning behind her lemonade visual album then why did she & her husband lie (and yes they lied, ain’t nan one of em mention nothing bout no hoodoo, voodoo, witchcraft or magic of any sort) and claim it was definitely about their relationship? Why was the “becky wit tha good hair” all anyone was talking about? If “grown ass black woman magic” is so great positive & useful why would bey not just come out & say it? It’s not like the world would dare call her wrong for anything, they truly worship this human being as if she were a “god/goddess”… Ya gotta ask yourself what’s really goin on when you know someone ain’t keeping it 100 & bey definitely is not. Yall who know what the symbolism in her new visual meant are the only ppl I’ve heard so far that make any sense when it comes to decoding the whole lemonade thing. So even now she herself has not come out & said what it really means those who have stumbled upon this article found out accidentally. I wonder what she would say if confronted with the question is she a practioner of moor womb magick or any magic.. I bet she wouldn’t be as honest as the ppl who have explained these things for us, if she admitted it at all.


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