looking back. looking forward.

So the one good thing we have going for us as teachers (besides the fulfillment of raising up young minds, yada yada yada) is summer break. We are guaranteed a good two months off  work during peak holiday season. Anyway, my first year teaching high school just came to a close and it’s been a hell of a  ride. On a whim, newly downloaded tarot app in phone, I pulled a spread asking about the energies around my work life now that I’m finally coming to a pause. I still a bit stunned at the accuracy.


Past, Present, Future spread from The Golden Thread Tarot app

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Empress in Taurus @ LRT

I had the pleasure of submitting another post to LRT. Working through tarot, spiritual practice, and mental health. It’s a post that previously appeared here but I got a chance to expand on.


A slow and gradual shift. As much time as I need, and all the love I want. Intentional, practical, and most importantly forgiving.

I pulled The Wooden Tarot’s Empress face up to use as a focal point of meditation with the cards. I chose her for promise of abundance, for promise of growing, for promise of wisdom and sacred memory, for promise of loving, for promise of grounded and earth-deep understanding she lives and inspires. For promise, when in a depressive low swing, can feel very far from reach if not outright impossible.

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Cup Spells!

Lemons are often used for their cutting and clear qualities. In woo and outside of woo, they are mama nature’s answer to clean and fresh. Part of the fun of making lemonade is the wonderful scent that permeates the room as you work, seeming to lift the energy of your space the longer you squeeze. I like to breathe deeply in these moments, allowing myself to clear as well. It becomes easy to understand why they are ancient moon magic used to cleanse, protect, and invigorate.


As I worked through the lemons, my eyes were continuously drawn to the drained lemon halves. Even after I finished, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. There was more work to be done.

So! Do as Muva Yonce said and go make lemonade, then follow along as called to with these simple kitchen spells.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Hmm. For all her fire, the full moon tonight is being gentle. I’m being asked to focus on the reward. Keep pushing and know that it will be all for good.


Daughters of the Moon Tarot: Seven of Pentacles and Three of Blades

Libra’s Tarotscope Story Unfolding

Dear Libra, are you paying attention to your story unfolding this year?
As I’ve been writing Libra’s tarotscope for each season so far this year, it’s been wonderful to watch the tarot story unfold for us. Continue reading

Rainy Day Evening Tea

There’s nothing that a great tea blend can’t brighten, not even a grey rainy weekday afternoon. Divinely blended cinnamon, echinacea, ginger, cloves, roses, and calendula to keep me warm and snug as the rain nourishes the earth.