Tarot of the QTPOC: Gaian Tarot Review

Happy to review this deck long since added to my Tarot of the QTPOC list, The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The original version of the Gaian Tarot was indie released in 2010, then LLewellyn in 2011, and this year by Schiffer and I’m glad for it. Decks like this often sell quick- people are hungry to see themselves in the decks they work with- and what is left available after the first printing is usually price gouged to the high heavens (prayer circle for the Collective Tarot). Reprintings keep decks more accessible, and I especially encourage folks to prioritize the support of indie reprints.

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Magic of Herbs: Igniting Your Magic with Chili

Continuing with my Magic of Herbs series, Chili (capsicum annuum).

Chili is naturally associated with fire which makes complete and total sense when you put a chili on your tongue. Associated with war and passion deities like Mars and Shango. I’m moved to seek fire due to recent events, and turn to my herbs as always for guidance and support. Chili is one of the most medicinal herbs out there and packs just as great a wallop in spiritual work.


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signal boost: Tarotscopes for Leo season are out!

I’m one step closer to completing a solar cycle channeling Libra’s tarotscope story at Siobhan’s Mirror. The tarot forecasts are written by twelve different tarot readers for each sign, assuring a tailored, varied and intuitive voice for each sign’s tale. Tarotscopes are tarot readings channeled for your astrological “sun, moon, or rising sign. An energetic forecast or focus. An invitation to inquire…” as to what may come up for you in an astrological cycle.

For you dear Libra, a message: “Time, ancestors, and your beautiful spirit have no use for strictures of chronology. They charge you with integrating all your beautiful selves. Watch for old lessons (and people!) coming back to warn you off of having to learn them over. Honor your experience by moving with discernment and calling on those lessons to guide you.

Read the complete ‘scopes for all 12 signs here.

Leo Tarotscope for Libra from the Madam Clara Sees All Tarot


What are your support systems? A spread from the Full Moon in Capricorn.

The Full Moons have been hitting me hard lately. This one in Capricorn is vibing with Cancer in a way that transforms its usual concerns for structure into deeper ones about support. What are your support systems? How do you feel supported? Where do you feel most supported? Paying attention to the shadow of those answers as well, because the reality is that for some of us, support is scarce if available. Be gentle with yourself in this work, this is some of the hardest work, acknowledging what is present and what is missing- who is missing. That being said, check in often. I hope this spread can help with that work.

1. You, upright.
2. You, when in need of support.
3, 4, 5. Support System Inventory.
6, 7. Further guidance.


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Tarot of the QTPOC: Asian American Tarot

You should absolutely support the Asian American Tarot. I believe my first words when I saw the Kickstarter for this deck was “Oh wow.” breathed with awe as I rushed to add it to my Tarot of the QTPOC list. I don’t know that I have seen a tarot project like this before, and I have to say it is a stunning idea for such an important vision.


from the Asian American Tarot: Art by Simi Kang, Monica Ramos, and Camille Chew

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Deck Interview: The Motherpeace Tarot

I’ve worked with the Motherpeace Tarot a few times before this deck interview. It’s been a tentatively approached collaboration. Most of the tentative was on my part however, as the Motherpeace hasn’t been shy or hesitant when I’ve cast the cards with her. I took her with me on my ocean vacation though, and after that cleansing energy and storing her with ocean washed stones I want to know better how to work with this deck.


Deck Interview with the Motherpeace Tarot

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10+1 low-key ways to move through a tarot funk

You ever get into a tarot funk?

For me there are different ways this manifests:

  • I receive the same message over and over again from my cards, across different decks.
  • I am feeling disconnected from my cards.
  • I’m in an emotional, spiritual, or physical low swing for whatever reason. (For example, the way these past days of violence and vitriol have taken a toll on my energy reserves has meant that daily draws have been sporadic at best.)
  • I haven’t read cards at all for a while and I’m feeling nervous about getting back into it.
  • I’ve been reading cards for everyone else and forgot about myself along the way.

Even in these moments, the desire and instinct to draw cards remains even if the desire to follow through doesn’t. In these moments I always want a gentle way back to the cards that feels low-impact for my heart and spirit. These are some of the methods that have been successful in getting me back to my cards.

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