star of wonder

What a fascinating combination of cards. Most other decks, this would be a clearly upbeat hopeful reading result. But this is Night Vale.

Stars are usually symbols of hope, have been for centuries, but this starlight comes in a bit strange. An alien greeting through space and time, but you don’t know if they come in peace. There’s an ambiguity about what is coming, especially followed by this Four of Wands. The Page of Swords who comes after is braced for what- attack or for defense- it’s hard to know.

This reading feels like a visual depiction of “May you live in interesting times.”


reading from the Welcome to Night Vale Tarot



3 thoughts on “star of wonder

  1. Cara Ellen says:

    It seems positive to me though I’m not familiar with that deck. You’re coming from a place of renewal and health, on a foundation that is strong. You have reached a creative completion right now and are prepared to take on a battle that will come through some sort of message in the near future. I see goodness in this reading, some ominous badness may lurk, but signs that you are equipped are there.

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    • Asali says:

      Thank you for seeing that! I definitely saw the page of swords as braced but ready. I think The Star promises a successful way through. I wouldn’t call it badness, but certainly ominous yes. I love how you saw creative completion. Thank you for the affirmation. I appreciate this 🌻

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