Itchy Throat Easing Tea

Beloved readers, you and I are going to get through this cold together. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

I’m starting to suspect something a little stronger than a common cold- a sinus infection perhaps with the way my eyes, cheekbones, and teeth ache. I also woke up with an itchy throat which is usually a heads up that a cough is coming at me soon.

I hate coughs. More than the incessant runny nose, I absolutely hate coughs. I had respiratory issues as a child so non-stop coughing is far too familiar and I do my best to avoid it when possible. The painful sore throat and aching ribs are my cold & flu nightmare. So of course, I reached for my herb cabinet and so far so good, this little infusion recipe is keeping the cough at bay. Continue reading

Facing Forward

I want to come back to my practice of posting tarot readings for myself onto the blog. I needed to step away from posting my readings online for a while so that I could come back to the heart of my tarot practice. It was needed, absolutely necessary, and my return to tarot journaling in private has moved me to a deeper understanding of the cards. I feel ready to come back to my blog in this way- for at least for some of my readings. This particular reading feels like a step forward, and kinda perfect for returning to this medium of journaling.

As for you, my dearest readers, know that the messages in the cards aren’t just for me. I believe in the magic of serendipity. That what we run into, what comes before us was meant to happen. If you feel, see, or hear a message in cards I pulled for myself, please trust that I pulled them for you as well. I trust that connection, and hope you’ll be open to it as well. Continue reading

Immune Boost Tea to Get Through Cold & Flu Season

Educators of the world unite! And drink lots of tea and other vitamin c rich drinks. Whether you’re a teacher, tutor, instructional aide, professor, teaching assistant, principal, or counselor you are familiar with how much of a petri dish educational institutions can be. I’ve caught a cold twice now- of different varieties each time and I’m sick of it. Sick of being sick, I’ve decided to make an infusion that should at least help keep me protected (along with other dietary additions and changes) and help me along with my current illness.

First things first, if you have the flu (and you’ll know when you have it, trust me) go get help. I’m all about natural medicine and I’m also aware that flus can quickly become dangerous, especially for the young and old.

If you have a cold, you’ve got a bit more leeway as the remedies for that are generally lots of rest, water, and vitamins. Oh and here’s a tea recipe to help move that along! Continue reading

Explore Your Heartspace, The Two Waters Tea Spread

Use this spread to explore the rich depths of your heartspace. I avoided traditional questions for the positions instead giving you an overview of the intention behind each herb’s position. I invite you to either leave the positions as is, or craft your own question for your cards. Let your heart instinct guide the reading of this spread.

two waters tea.png

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Libra tarotscopes are out!

Libra ‘scopes are posted at Siobhan’s Mirror and I was over the moon to complete Libra’s return for our birthday.

You are (trans)formed at the union of your light and shadow; to get to know both well and to keep both clear is the key to finding the balance that will free you to revel in your promised expansion.


Check out your sun, moon, and rising sign!

All the ‘scopes are worth a look. Get your astrological house in order!


Hi, I’m Asali! I’m a Black queer femme earthworker passionate about tarot, tea, and healing work. Schedule a card reading with me for a deeply clarifying intuitive tarot session. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, drop me a line!

Magic of Herbs: Sunflower Power

If you’ve ever received a social media message from me, chances are you’re familiar with how much I enjoy the sunflower emoji. It’s my favorite flower, and it’s filled with the kind of energy I am dedicated to evoking in my healing work.

Look straight into the face of a fully bloomed Sunflower and try not to smile. Go ahead, I dare you. I double dare you. Are you smiling yet? Admit it, you cracked a small grin at least.

The sunflowers I used for my Yemaya and Oshun (to whom sunflowers are beloved) altar really hung in there, and brought a smile to my face for days every time I’d wake up to the sight. It absolutely helped for those days where depression was just that much easier to fall prey to.

If you’re looking to figure out how else sunflowers can work with you, just think of the sun- and the sun’s incredible energy. Sunflowers are pure sun magic.

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Tarot of the QTPOC: Interview with Dust II Onyx Tarot Creator, Courtney Alexander

I got to do an awesome interview with the amazing creator of the Dust II Onyx Tarot over at Little Red Tarot.

Regarding the tarot industry and what’s out there for folks, Courtney had this to say about why she was motivated to create a deck that was made for her and her community:

How do you feel your many identities meet, push up against, or vibe with the current tarot landscape?

I would at this point in my life describe myself as fat, black, queer, and divine. There isn’t a deck out there to my knowledge that expresses this freedom that I feel within myself. I definitely have an appreciation for the quality of imagery I see in decks such as the Wild Unknown and Fountain Tarot. I definitely see them as having a place in my own collection. However, I needed to see ME in a deck. I wanted a deck that pushed past surface meaning for me. That drew me into a deeper place in my subconscious and I had yet to find one that did.

Check the whole interview out, and support this incredible deck!


The Star from the Dust II Onyx Tarot