I got to do an awesome interview with the amazing creator of the Dust II Onyx Tarot over at Little Red Tarot.

Regarding the tarot industry and what’s out there for folks, Courtney had this to say about why she was motivated to create a deck that was made for her and her community:

How do you feel your many identities meet, push up against, or vibe with the current tarot landscape?

I would at this point in my life describe myself as fat, black, queer, and divine. There isn’t a deck out there to my knowledge that expresses this freedom that I feel within myself. I definitely have an appreciation for the quality of imagery I see in decks such as the Wild Unknown and Fountain Tarot. I definitely see them as having a place in my own collection. However, I needed to see ME in a deck. I wanted a deck that pushed past surface meaning for me. That drew me into a deeper place in my subconscious and I had yet to find one that did.

Check the whole interview out, and support this incredible deck!

The Star from the Dust II Onyx Tarot

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