Sweep-Out Ritual for your new spaces

Eve of the full moon in Aries last night; I got to sweep out my new apt with herbs and salt to clear it of whatever may have been left over there. 

Ideally, perform this small but intention filled ritual before you bring your stuff in to the new place. 
This mix is a simple blend of #hyssop #rosemary #lemompeel #hawthorn and  #seasalt for a gentle but thorough moving of latent energy. Mix whatever herbs and salts you’d like. It’s a dry mix so your magic work is conveniently also your clean up work. If you use a working besom, even better.

Sprinkle your herb blend all over your space- yes, even carpet. You can always deep vacuum later. Afterwards speak your intentions firmly as you sweep from the back of your place to the front and out the door. Keep the door ajar, and windows if you can as you sweep.

Don’t forget those corners!

3 thoughts on “Sweep-Out Ritual for your new spaces

  1. Wooly Witchy says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing. My wife and I did a lovely cleaning and clearing of our house when we bought it and I FIRMLY believe that it made such a difference. The previous owners had been forced to sell after a failed business and a divorce and we get nothing but loving safe energy from our home. That intention setting and clearing ritual was so good for us.

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