simple and intention filled recipe and ritual for the new moon

Here is a simple but powerful new moon essential oil blend.

Sage for wisdom and purity,
Rosemary for clarity and discernment,
Tea Tree for upliftment and cleansing.

Diffuse into your space and add candle magic for extra wonder. It’s no accident that this is also a great crown chakra and third eye essential oil blend. You can also make enough of an oil blend to apply throughout the week to keep you focused. Notice how clear your space and spirit feels after- inhale deeply and release all that weighs you down.

One of the best parts about this blend is that it makes a great practical base for every new moon- you could add to it as necessary (for example some ylang ylang or jasmine for moons that call for extra sweetness).

I am planning to meet the new moon in sagittarius with hope and anticipation for new paths to take; this will definitely help.




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peeks out the hiatus haven window with an occasional oracle


Message of the day: Honor your soul spirit today. Indulge in sweet soul care and meet yourself with deep love.

As my hiatus’ end draws near I’m thinking about what it means to cater to my reflection and reach all the parts of me that get ignored in the daily grind and keep the care I gave myself these past few days going.

How about a sweet rooting tea blend to assist in that important work? Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and a touch of Hibiscus.


where’d your love go?

I ran into this girl, she said why you always blaming?
Why you can’t just face it?
Why you always gotta be mad? (be mad, be mad, be mad)
I got a lot to be mad about (be mad, be mad, be mad)

Where’d your love go
Where’d your love go, baby

I ran into this girl I said I’m tired of explaining
Man, this shit is draining
But I’m not really allowed to be mad

still on hiatus.

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