#taroteveryday: The World 

In the last hours of this year, I’m sitting with this card’s energy and doing   inventory of what I’m taking, carrying, dragging into 2017. 

One of them better be my heart and another my magic, say my ancestors.

How are you reconciling with The World at the close of the year? 

some time with the sea goat’s hermit moon

Blessings this New Moon in Capricorn!

New Moons for me have always been The Hermit’s domain. It’s the perfect time to seek out the shadow- not always for work, we need rest too. It is in the shadow that we learn to tend to our light and know better how to preserve it for ourselves and our community’s sustenance. With Mercury Rx in full force, the New Moon call for reflection only intensifies.


New Moon in Capricorn reading: Three of Wands, The Hermit, and Two of Swords from Tarot of Trees

This New Moon in Capricorn you and I are looking to ourselves.

This is the long filling inhale before the jump off the cliff into 2017. For so many this had been a solar turn of tumult and uncertainty. We’ve been pushed, pulled, killed, hurt, torn apart, and still we are here. You are here. And our ancestors passed on are here with us. The infinity of the cycle can feel overwhelming- and sometimes make it a burden to always strive for the long view.

The New Moon provides space to heal from overwhelm. She allows us to sit with ourselves, cradled in the warm tangible darkness of our shadow, and rest. We can always return here for our protection. This is the space that cannot be breached.

#taroteveryday: invest in your heart space 

​Invest in your heart today. 

Take the time for actions that nourish and sweeten your heart. Eat well, drink some hawthorn tea, connect with a loved one, hold some rose quartz, rub a drop of honey on your heart, receive a great big hug. 

Take time for your heart.

By Way of Sorrow, healing magick for times of grieving

I’m so excited to be a part of this resource sharing project weaved together by Alexis from Worts + Cunning, a wonderful Yuletide gift. In deep pain, grieving, and trauma our community will always find ways to breathe and love each other even deeper.

Within these 40+ pages are rituals to get grounded and protect your aura, to let your queer heart grieve, and discover the hidden tensions you carry with you. There are tarot stories and plant stories and a tarot spread for finding power in your grief. There are poems, affirmations, and a simple one-page critical care guide for yourself and those you love. All of these resources are situated within the context that we are a grieving people and that our grief is necessary and needed.

[DOWNLOAD PDF]bywayofsorrow



#taroteveryday, be good to you!

You’re almost there, the holidays are almost over. It’s time to check in with yourself now that the bulk of the rush is past. Sift through the expectations, obligations, and felicitations to recenter your spirit.


Seven of Air, Dark Goddess Tarot

Laverna from the Dark Goddess Tarot reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with thinking of ourselves from time to time.  Often we forget to check in with our own needs, particularly where emotional labor is concerned- this can be particularly taxing around the holidays.

Be intentional about indulging yourself today, remember to be selfish-that’s not necessarily a bad word! We are interconnected with each other, yes. However, for our communities to flourish, we must thrive individually first.

Tarot of the QTPOC: Our Tarot, a forthcoming feminist deck

I’m trying to avoid getting a new deck for a while but there are brilliant creators out there making it as hard as possible for me! This gorgeous new deck is Our Tarot, a collage art deck filled with 78 history-making women from all walks of life.


The Salem Trials, to music legends, to genre shifting poets – all images ©Sarah Shipman

Continue reading

#taroteveryday: Navigating Through My Shadow

I have a feeling my reading with the Four of Cards spread the other day is going to follow me for quite some time. On my way out to errands I drew some cards as tarot guidance for the day with the Slow Holler and got my heart caught in my throat once more.


Five of Knives & The Navigator from The Slow Holler Tarot

I received a very interesting rendition of the Five of Swords and my birth card in the form of The Navigator. As always, when your birth card shows up, it’s best to pay close attention. Continue reading