#taroteveryday: The World 

In the last hours of this year, I’m sitting with this card’s energy and doing   inventory of what I’m taking, carrying, dragging into 2017. 

One of them better be my heart and another my magic, say my ancestors.

How are you reconciling with The World at the close of the year? 

2 thoughts on “#taroteveryday: The World 

  1. Trish Finley says:

    I drew this card this morning and thought it was very fitting for the end of the year. I’m personally going through my spiritual beliefs. It’s going to be tough going next year, I think, and I want to have a solid spiritual foundation to fall back on.


    • Asali says:

      That sounds like a phenomenal idea. I’m trying to think through ways of integrating spiritual ritual in simple practical ways that I can engage in everyday- even if it’s making tea each night before I sleep.


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