New Horizons Spread

You are celebrating a new year or a new job or a new season of you- and I’ve got a spread for you!

I created this as I avoided every ‘New Year Spread’ post around the internet- most of them had at least 10 positions and that didn’t feel right for me this time around. So I worked on writing my own spread and I love it best because it’s not just for the new year. This is a spread you can work as you move into any new horizon in your life.



1. What is the prevailing energy of this new season?

2. What energy to clear out?

3. What energy to draw in?

4. Where is the space for growth found?

5. Where is the space for stillness found?

6. What additional wisdom will help guide me?

7. Where can I start today?


Have you done a New Year spread yet? Do you go the full 12+ card throw or are you like me and like to keep it light and malleable? Or maybe you tried this spread for yourself. Drop me a line, I’d love to chat tarot spreads with you!

11 thoughts on “New Horizons Spread

  1. Alex says:

    This post came at the perfect time. I wanted to do a New Year’s reading, but prefer shorter readings (7 or less cards, usually), so this was perfect. The reading I did with Slow Holler was spot-on, even if I did manage to draw my least favorite card (The Lovers) as the energy I need to draw in!


    • Asali says:

      I get overwhelmed when I have to do large readings for myself, which is funny because I love performing large readings for others, heh. I absolutely needed to go with broader themes that I can channel rather than month by month specificity. I’m glad this worked so well for you! And with the Slow Holler too which is the deck I was picturing myself using while crafting this spread.

      Oooh The Lovers. Yeah, it’s not a favorite of mine either. I think it’s one of those cards that I’ve got to revision and reimagine like I did The Hierophant. Let me know if you’ve got any tips for seeing The Lovers beyond The Lovers, lol.


  2. Erika says:

    I left my cards at home, so I’ll try this when I get back. I’ve been thinking about getting another deck, though some folks have said that decks need to be gifted and can’t b bought. what are your thoughts?

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    • Asali says:

      I think that’s the most extra restriction on the planet! Of course it’s nice if your deck is gifted to you, but tarot is for you, for your reflection. I say you get to choose. I chose and bought myself my first deck and I’ve been connected to it since day one. I say get yourself that deck you’ve been eyeing and fall in love with it because it was one you chose 🌻🌻🌻

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  3. Wooly Witchy says:

    I love your takes on spreads and questions. Just tried this one for myself and I’ll need to sit with it a while, got a few cards that make no sense in their positions. I always figure them out after a while and then it seems so obvious what they were trying to tell me.

    This was the first spread I did on my new tarot cloth 🙂


  4. Erika says:

    I did this reading with the deck I have, knowing I am due for a new deck. It was useful in explaining what I still need to complete before I can welcome new energy. Thank you for the suggestion!


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