Full Moon in Virgo Crossings with a Mind the Gap Spread

I welcome this full moon as a bridge from Winter to Spring as we await Ostara. In Virgo, the full moon calls us to take an account of where we are at, and where we want to go. Mixed in with the magic of a Spring sabbat and it’s all about grounding our vision in practical details. We need a plan for where we are going.

In that spirit I offer this Mind the Gap Spread for moving into new spaces with clarity. It’s named for that jump/step we take to get on a bridge leading to the other side.


Few bridges in life are seamlessly connected to either of the shores they connect. There’s almost always a space between shore and bridge- and so it is in life cycles.

What is that space for you? Is it filled with doubt, uncertainty, or is it a thrill of excitement running down your spine as you approach your next destination?

Whatever it is, pay attention to that space. It is giving you a glimpse into what the bridge might hide- a torrent beneath, another path, an abyss…there’s a lesson there too. Particularly as not all bridges are equal, and should you fall it’s always good to know what or where you are falling in to.

As you step into the transition, be mindful of your movements. Those first steps lay the foundation of where you are going. The preparation you do now is absolutely vital. Let the full moon in Virgo’s powered up attention detail lead you in that work.

And as always, keep an eye on your goal and what it really is rather than what it is supposed to be. A lot can happen in transition and you might find that the other side looks very different up close than what it did from afar.

All the best on your magical journey ❤

6 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo Crossings with a Mind the Gap Spread

  1. Ekstasy Vine says:

    This spread is amazing!! I drew the 10 of swords for “leaving behind” – and it was a swift kick in the butt that I’ve been wallowing a bit too long in my drama instead of taking that scary first step across the gap. I drew 2 cards for what to bring (because I need all the help I can get these days!!) and drew the king of swords and the princess of hearts (i.e. page of cups). Awesome. But beware the gap – 7 of swords (oof) – but I also chose the queen of wands to help me cross the divide (she seems to be coming up a lot these days!). My first steps: Queen of pentacles, wheel of fortune and princess/page of pentacles. And on the other side? 8 of pentacles….So much here to digest!! thank you so much for this spread!!! It was a great way to start this full moon Sunday and get myself up and over this feeling that’s kept me stuck on this side of the bridge.

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