Quick Draw, Transform & Transmute


1. GIVE – THE WISE ONE (The Hermit)


What a great reading as the year comes to a close. According to The Daughters of the Moon Tarot, The Wise One as depicted here is The Crone, The Hag of Winter. She symbolizes wisdom, solitude, and transformative death. As the year closes, remembering to meditate on my knowledge collected and give over to the release of closure.

“The Crone or Hag symbolizes that part of us that possesses deep knowledge, understanding and seasoning. She appears as the dark moon and lives in the unconscious, where dreams begin.”

Going into the new year, possibilities are endless, all roads are open, the weave has just begun, and so comes The Spiderwoman confirming that all the knowledge received in the energy of The Wise Woman, has to be transformed with intention.

“As we become more aware of the results of our acts, we develop more control over them. Our sense of destiny becomes a positive trust in life. Of course, great responsibility comes with this skill, and sometimes we wonder which is easier, the way of the innocent who steps blindly into joys and sorrows, or the way of The Wise One who must make so many careful decisions based on Her knowledge.”

The Spiderwoman card asks, “Okay, so now you know a bit of something. What are you gonna do with it?”




This couldn’t have been clearer if I’d gotten a note that said “GO!” Hey, when it’s time to move on to the next, it’s time to move on!

Re-Balancing Energy: 2. At The Core of My Creation

1. Checking in w/ My Root

Continuing the work of re-balancing at my sacral space.

1. How do I process what I feel?
2. How should I process what I feel?

I’ve been known to hold a lot in this space, so this should be interesting. I’m using The Wooden Tarot as it revealed itself as one I should whip out for internal work. It’s only right that when checking in with my creative center I should use a deck as wily as this one.

wpid-20150629_063105-1.jpg1. How do I process what I feel?
TEN OF BONES reversed (PENTACLES) – well, should have seen this coming. I hold my ancestral trauma and any and all family bullshit here, apparently that hasn’t changed much. Ongoing work of clearing that out continues, I guess.

2. How should I process what I feel?
THE EMPRESS reversed – well this is interesting. I need to spend some more time with the card in the shadow position, but for now I do read it as a reminder to be faithful to my creative outlets, particularly my earth based work. Again, my connection to other people is rearing its head, suggesting I feel muffled or am muffling myself. Or perhaps a call to do some self-mothering for myself, remember to nourish this space.

Yikes, this was rough. Have a cat trying to receive a reading.


Spread for Summer Solstice

deck: herbal tarot

This reading was drawn in preparation to make a clearing bath for thesummer solstice to assist me with moving into the energy of release and letting go.

1. What am I releasing?
JUSTICE (Plantain) – okay Shango! It’s time to make peace with old debts and decisions and relieve myself of that baggage and just move on already. It is finished, allow that.

2. What am I bringing in?
PAGE OF WANDS (Shepherd’s Purse) – new opportunities come forth from this release that should be met with openness and excitement. It’s okay to begin to seek out excitement and adventure, the time for feeling tethered to convention is passed.