Post-op tarot? There’s an app for that!

Sometimes the universe does not make stillness and self-care an option. For me this came in the form of a serious enough medical condition that I required surgery.

Needless to say, I had never wanted clarity more than then and here I was in the hospital, literally hours from surgery and no tarot or even oracle cards. I also had a ‘Scope to write for Siobhan’s Mirror and again no cards.

What is a tarot reader to do?

Well it’s 2016, and you better believe there’s an app for that.

I even found a deck that’s been on my mind for a while, Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll, the app by The Fool’s Dog. [I’ll place links later when I’m not so distracted by pain]

I first drew for the ‘Scope, (Libras look out for that as Pisces is almost upon us) spread and then after the surgery I drew for myself. I wanted to know what I was supposed to pay attention to.


Let me tell you, these cards came through and told me exactly what’s what.

In story board form,  Ten of Wands told me where I was at and what led keep there. Page of Cups told me what I need, rest and refreshment and a serious refill. Ace of Pentacles talking directly to my body saying that this is the sure way to be at full health which will in turn ensure material full health.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this level of connection with an app. Maybe it’s the deck I used and my love and intuitive understanding of its tree subjects. For $3.99 I have zero complaints, and moreover I’m definitely ordering the physical deck.

I encourage you to try this out-of maybe as a lark, maybe to try a deck before you commit to buy, maybe just because you’re away from your deck and need some guidance.

Go for it and let me know what you think or how it went?

MORE: If you’re looking for the LWB explanation, this app wonderfully gives it to you.  Below is the copy of the text compiled for me:

The Past
Ten of Wands (Reversed)

The Ten of Wands is a card about being burdened and overextended. This card appears when you attempt to do too much, are unable to say “no”, and are taking on more work than you can handle. It also can represent the inability to relax, or being the person dumped upon repeatedly or the one left to clean up the mess. Cut back, lighten your own load, and let others help you. Life will be an uphill struggle for a while, do your best to maintain your strength.

The Present
Page of Cups (Upright)

The Page of Cups is about intimacy, love, emotions, and intuition. Pages send messages. Show your feelings, respond to love, and let your heart be your guide. Learn to love each other and love yourself—forgive, and reach out to others. This card may also be about developing and acting upon your own intuitions and encourages you to trust your heart and your inner voice. If paired with the Page of Wands, this may refer to making children. This card may represent a child, a romantic, or someone who is in touch with their own feelings or intuitions.

The Future
Ace of Pentacles (Upright)

This card represents possibilities concerning fortune, prosperity, and wealth. While success and wealth are likely in your future, they are not going to materialize out of thin air. Hard work and determination are your means to attain success. It is about being practical: work with your strengths, use your common sense, and be realistic about your goals. It is also about trust and security – you can put your faith and trust in your support system, feel protected, and know that you are standing on a firm base. This is a good time to begin projects or enact new plans.

New Moon Spread in Capricorn, for Manifestation

A new moon in Capricorn, while Mercury is in retrograde. It’s a whammy.


However no reason it should be shaded in anything but powerful positivity- a time to move forward and cast your line.

In that spirit, I worked with a spread I created for manifestation. Continue reading

Be Still & Know

First reading with this deck, and it’s pretty in line with everything I learned about it in the deck interview. I’ve had a series of occurences and happenings this week that have basically felt like the universe saying, fuck the world, stay home and chill. Unfortunately little things like, work and school don’t really listen to all of that self-care stuff.

To which the universe responded with, how about a severe cold to lay you out?

Did that not work? How about you lock your keys in your car?

You still feeling up and about? How about you leave your wallet at home so all errands suddenly become irrelevant and mildly criminal  a la driving with no ID?

You still acting brand new, huh? How about I set an important appointment that requires you to wait through a couple of other things that you wanted to do?

You still wanna go? Your appointment fell through, but it may happen tomorrow, maybe… how about you have to stay home and wait to find out?

Needless to say I’m staying in bed this weekend, and all food will be delivered to me.

Especially when the reading comes through like this.


[[You have too much going on mentally, that’s probably where your headache is coming from, you can’t see where your going like this. Breathe, open your eyes and trust your intuition. Look at the whole perspective, feel supported when that gut-deep knowledge comes. That’s when you’ll move in the energy of wisdom again.]]

Love, Oshun


Love messages from Oshun.

I asked for what I needed to receive concerning love and how I give it and receive it (particularly romantic love, but all kinds of love relationships)

1, PURIFIER is the message/where I am

2, 4 of FIRE is what blocks me

3, 9 of EARTH is what unblocks me and lifts me up.


(check out my newest citrine baby doing that work)

Maferefun Oshun!

Get Going, Already!! Messages for the New Moon.

wpid-img_20151110_224302.jpgIt’s been a while, and boy do my cards know it. They’re having feelings about it.

For this reading, I didn’t ask specific questions, just opened up to receive messages from my warriors and ancestors.

I drew, Falcon, Rooster, and then Hawk.

Not a single one of these cards was possessed of any chill. 39 cards and I got all the ones that deal with transformation and moving forward.

    • “I am Falcon, the swiftness of change…I am the hunter. Faster than anyone, I harness the power of quick action… so waste no opportunity… You have made great strides already but I am here to take you further. I have given you the visions you asked for, but you have yet to take flight… find you target and take uncompromising aim. I am the arrow that hits the mark.”
    • Question I’ve been asking myself, “How does one shoot an arrow in a hurricane?” Working closely with Oya and Ochosi, I may have fooled myself into thinking I had it figured out when really I’d just scratched the tip of the surface. There is so much I have yet to birth, and I need to remember to keep it pushing.
  2. ROOSTER [reversed]
    • “I am Rooster… I am vitality… I am the eternal matrix of fertility… I am the time to act and the need to use force in creation… I am the force that shapes the created. I will guide it. I will give it life… Now is not the time to tend to worn out things, but to light the fire of new life. While you can acknowledge those times of stillness and acceptance, I assure you this is not that time… Unleash potential and start making things happen. I will give you the new dawn you seek.”
    • Can’t say there’s much else to add. More and more about doing more, creating more, releasing the fear. Woo, I hear you spirit!
  3. HAWK
    • “I am Hawk… I am advantage and strategy, and will always come prepared…If I am circling overhead it is because you are not yet aligned with your future. Your path is off balance, your motivations uncentered, and your higher mind misaligned. To be a visionary takes more than just seeing the path ahead…Does your current way of doing things support what you seek to accomplish? If not, change course and create a new path. I encourage you to take a look at what drives you.”
    • Like I said, no chill.

If I read Hawk and Rooster as supporting Falcon, it’s clear that there is so much I have yet to do. Moreover, that I’m supported in doing it, fulfilling that work. Hesitation is unnecessary and the stage is set.  My Ori awaits.

Giving thanks, Ase!

Full Moon in Taurus Reading: Reaffirming

I’ve been tired.

Sooo very tired.

Apparently I don’t handle instability well, something I think Spirit- God, my ancestors, my Orisha, all others who walk with me- are trying to teach me through. I can’t say I’ve been at my best. Thankfully it’s mostly come through in exhaustion, rather than full blown depression as it’s been wont to do in the past.

Earlier today I received an email that I was sure heralded bad news; I was so sure of it, I didn’t even want to open it until right before I worked this full moon reading. And you know what, it was great news. A much better result than I ever thought was possible, and wouldn’t even dare hope for. Yet there it was, and immediately Spirit asked me what it was I had doubted for, where did the trust that let me leap as I had before vanish to?

Just in case I didn’t think I was hearing the messages right, my very first pull with The Earthbound Oracle came for my life as it whirls right now.

wpid-20151027_232214-1-1.jpgMy anxieties about seeking a new home? Check and accounted for.

A reminder to trust my intuition? Check and accounted for.

Perseverance through the whirlwind that is my life (sidenote: actual whirlwind happened earlier this weekend on top of everything else!)? Check and accounted for.

Anyway, this deck is live and in charge. A beautiful accompanyment to The Wooden Tarot, though it feels less ephemeral, certainly more “earthbound”. Deck interview to come.

I sleep now.

3 Card Check-In for Re-orientation

It’s been a while!

It’s been a mixture of recharge, depletion, and the slow but sure crawl back to centering myself in my work.

A quick three card spread. Asked rather broadly, checking in to where I need to be. It’s also not necessarily in past, present, future or anything like that. I allowed the story to form as it wanted to.


  1. 9 of Stones (Wands) – This immediately read like multi-directional growth, a birth of new ideas and opportunities in multiple avenues. A very non-traditional reading of this particular card. Of course, mixed with the Tower below it realigns with its traditional meaning, indicating a challenge/change to push through to emerge on the other side.
  2. 6 of Bones (Pentacles) – An extra finger for this macabre hand, in keeping with the 9 of Stones I read this as an abundance of resources opening up to me if I should only reach out and touch.
  3. The Tower – Here’s a warning, not so dire though. Abundance of options means abundance of choice. I shouldn’t marry myself to one of these opportunities or resources but should remain flexible in case of sudden change. Should that change come I should also not forget to look to the abundance in favor of worrying the loss.
    [Sidenote: for such stunningly rendered art, the drawing lightning in this card is just sad or maybe it means something I haven’t grasped *shrug*]

Bonus picture of my new bb familiar observing my work.