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I couldn’t find a title for this post; I could hardly find the rest of these words.

I’m working through some assigned shadow work that would require me to face some trauma I’d put aside. To say I’m procrastinating would be an understatement. I’m avoiding. Hard. I don’t see a way through this- at least not one that doesn’t result in my disappointment, hurt, and frustration that I’d even bothered. At the same time, the possibility of success, of surviving this trial promises a deeper connection to parts of myself and my roots that I’ve always felt a blockage around.

Of course, my cards served it up to me straight no chaser. I drew an Occasional Oracle for my network and drew the Crow from the Winged Enchantment Oracle. It’s ancestral knowledge seeking. It’s all about the dive deep into the shadow and getting out of our own damn way. 

I hesitantly explored this card further and drew from the Stretch Tarot.  The figure in the Four of Cups looks inward and only sees the dark, the Five of Swords. Their back is turned away from the promise in the Ace of Cups– the reason they began this journey in the first place. Of course, when I say they I really mean me. And perhaps you, if you’ve also have a hard time engaging shadow work that requires so much peeling away of tightly placed bandages and exposing the wound beneath.

I wish us both the best of luck.

Weekly Outlook Spread

I’ve been thinking about this spread ever since I saw it used on Seven Card Spread who got it from The Tarot Parlor. It’s a customizable spread that gives an overview of what your week might look like.


A reading rife with Mars in retrograde energy. A time to examine what is already established, what needs shoring up and reevaluating. Not particularly a time to start new projects, but a time to look at current ones and ensure that all is as it should be. My Godmother’s constant warnings to pay attention to wars- or rather that I ensure to be out of wars as much as possible comes to mind. This is a time to draw on cool energy while everything around us burns. The highest vibrations of the orisha Ogun are all but required here- careful planning, grounded movement, and surgical strikes.

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all you need is love…

I’ve always been curious about multi-deck spreads. Only way to form an opinion on them was to try it. My instinct was to keep it simple, three card draw, one from each deck. It turned out beautifully, actually.


(from L to R: Wooden Tarot, Herbal Tarot, Mythical Goddess Tarot)

GOD OF BLOOMS: It’s time to accept love and all its potential for transformation. This means developing an intuition for it, for looking for all that is sweet instead of using intuition to just defend. It’s the moment to be open, at the very least re-learn how to be open. A new opportunity for the heart and spirit to grow.

TWO OF CUPS: After all of that, comes the scariest part: opening up to a love connection. This does not mean romantic, but it doesn’t rule it out. Love connection to others, to an idea, to work, to an opportunity, to myself.

FIVE OF WIND (FEAR): This is what crosses me. It’s the blockage caused by fear, caused by doubt, that keeps me from fully diving into these new connections.

What a beautiful message from Oshun. Opening up heart space can be the hardest thing to do. Often, our mind space is our defense against violations of that space, but sometimes our minds go overboard, and we forget the way back to openness, to healing, and to vulnerability. We forget all the things that make life sweet and worth living. Fear of sustaining that openness in a world that makes violation look inevitable is valid, but there may be light on the other side that can fill us up. That chance is worth taking.

Deck Interview: In Love with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is my very first deck. I was immediately drawn to its emphasis on engaging the divine feminine as well as the beautiful art that I could see myself in. It’s a beautiful deck, I’m happy to be in conversation with it.

wpid-20150618_190436.jpgNOTE: This deck shifts its elemental interpretations of the suits and the correspondence is not always direct but serves the purpose of the deck.
1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
ACE OF SEAS (ECSTA-SEA) – concurrent with what I’ve felt from this deck and is why I always store this deck with rose quartz. She brings love, asks me to remember to move in love’s energy as I work with her. A reminder to maintain the work in my heart space that ensures I remain open and clear and full of light.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
THE FOOL (UZUME) – her non-comformity and free flowing feminine spirit are her main attractions and strengths. She reminds me to approach my journey with her as an energetic dance of light and joy in order to encourage love in all aspects of my being.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
THREE OF FIRE (DELIGHT) – but the delight that comes from release of all the things I carry is a work I must do for myself. She can only give direction, I must walk the path to this freedom on my own.

4. What are you here to teach me?
FIVE OF WIND (FEAR) – the little white book says, “Name your fears and meet them…”. Love is strangled by fear; my challenge is release.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
CHARIOT (ATHENA) – to achieve the mastery evoked by Athena, a goddess of war and of wisdom, I must work in balance.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
FOUR OF FIRE (COMPLETION) – a promise that this work will allow the release of negativity, release of what no longer serves me in order to move into the next space of my journey.

I love this deck so much!