deck interview: Madam Clara Sees All Tarot


Clear, to the point, objective if sometimes a bit too plain. Which makes sense considering this is a deck that comes with the meanings right on the cards. Its messages are practical, and it will do none of the intuitive work for me- that will be on me. It will likely be great for daily  draws. There’s an overarching warning here though, I can’t be too tied to the fact that the meaning of the cards- or at least one of the meanings- is typed up right on the face of the cards. My own intuition is still my best resource when trying to understand the messages I’ve been given.

a libra seeking balance


This may be why I avoid this deck sometimes. It has no chill.

My energy right now is Six of Cups in shadow. It’s directly correlating to a block I had about a relationship being opened to me.

What crosses me in this is my own mind. Over thinking things instead of looking to the abundance it offers me.

How does a libra proceed to be uplifted. Find balance. Duh. Of mind and heart,  as with The Chariot. As major arcana it indicates this energy being what I should move in this moon cycle.


God, this fucking deck.
(I do love it so)

Re-Balancing Energy: 1. Checking In With My Root

So I created a spread for me to do on occasion throughout the year to check in and re-balance myself, and well… it’s daunting. It’s 9 cards, 18 if you do the second part and that’s a lot for someone to do all at once! It certainly felt like that for me, though I’m working a bit low right now, so I had the idea to just take it in bits, check in daily and work with myself in sequence. I’ll do the current status “how do I….” question first, and immediately follow up with the reinforcing “how should I…” question next. With follow up spreads as necessary.

1. How do I hold and support my being?
2. How should I hold and support my being?

wpid-20150619_230326-1.jpgSigh. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I’d gone through this nine times at once. Whew!

1. How do I hold and support my being?
ACE OF SWORDS (Chamomile) (REVERSED) – now how many times must I receive this card in reverse? Apparently, until I start listening! Currently I’m holding myself in a place of uncertainty with a tendency towards self-destruction. Wow. Absolutely true, but still hard to hear which is why I’m receiving this card so much. For it to be coming from root, no wonder I feel unsteady and doubtful!

2. How should I hold and support my being?
KNIGHT OF SWORDS (Wild Cherry Bark) – hello, call for balance! I need to reorient myself towards my true north. I have to locate my truth, and be ready to defend it without attacking others for theirs. The knight sees the big picture, gaze is toward the horizon and while the sword is drawn, it is on their shoulder, ready but not always on the attack. My tendency towards directness, forthrightness, bluntness must be tempered so it is not a mask to hide whatever uncertainty and doubt might lie beneath.

Deck Interview: Grounded In Conversation w/ The Herbal Tarot

Received the idea from the littleredtarot blog, I don’t know how it didn’t occur to me to be the first thing I do with a tarot deck. Ask the deck what I’m to learn from it! The questions are the same but the layout modified to my own preferences as per my intuition.

1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
PAGE OF SWORDS (Dill) – this deck comes to me at a time where I’m facing challenge and upheaval and must be at the ready with answers. However, this deck will provide answers where it is meant to and guidance should I choose to be attentive and do the necessary work in the spirit of honesty, perseverance, and truth. There is much to be learned should I accept the challenges for what they are, potential lessons. This is an exciting prospect, if a bit anxiety inducing, but it’s in line with where I am and affirms my rather impulse buy of this deck, and why it’s been so well tuned so far. I also love that it feels like it wants to grow with me. I bet a year from now, I ask it these same questions and its lessons will have evolved- or rather I will have- to match my situation.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
ACE OF SWORDS (Chamomile) – Notably, chamomile is one of my ‘peace, be still’ herbs. As such it’s always chamomile tea if I need to quiet myself or cool my tendency to fire. In any case, on to the card reading- this is obviously a continuation of the first question. There is truth and knowledge to be found through this deck, but it will require my being attentive and willing to do the work as I move through a rather trying transition period. Support is offered should I seek it and use it.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Peony) (REVERSE) – I’ll admit this one is hard to accept. The work I’ll have to do is internal work, work that ironically requires more stillness than action. Not all my answers will be here, but in meditation with myself in order to get through these challenges. I have the tools with me, I just need to have enough of a care to look. It is a message I’ve received before, be still and move with the necessary flow.

4. What are you here to teach me?
FIVE OF PENTACLES (Mugwort) (REVERSE) – Again with the lessons on getting through setbacks and struggles. I get it! I get it! It’s here for me. I must look to the abundance in the gifts from the earth. That and it is temporary, these lows are temporary.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
THE EMPRESS (Dong Quai) (REVERSE) – Yes, that thing about abundance and the earth’s gifts? No, really. This is the herbal tarot, and I was drawn to it for that reason. All my medicine comes from the earth, as I utilize the deck, I must also remember and use by my medicine.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
NINE OF WANDS (Bayberry Bark) – Movement with discernment as well as a strength gained through surviving strife. A knowledge of my own potential awaits me as I learn with this deck.

Whew! Well this journey is going to be even more interesting than I thought.