THE FOOL {Meditative Tarot Tea}

wp-1470786557269.jpgCard is The Fool from The Wooden Tarot ©Andy Swartz.

Deep breath, then take the leap forward. After all, what awaits you is the rest of your journey. The Fool’s blend takes that jump with you as you leap towards your next adventure and begin your cycle anew.

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AsaliTea: Yeye’s Song [available]

Yeye’s Song

A blend full of the sweet abundance She blesses us with. Created to move you to work sweetness into your day, in every smile, in every task.

Sweet, with a touch of cinnamon spice reflecting the ways in which Oshun’s sweetness radiates her warmth.


AsaliTea: Sweet Moon Tea Blend [available]

Sweet Moon

Lovingly crafted for folx who cycle with the moon. Embrace release and move out what no longer serves you. Bring in new sweetness and divine joy to carry you into the next cycle. Drink as a tea or drop infuse a scoop for your bath.


Blog Reboot!

I’m merging my two blogs into one, this one! Now my tarot and my other healing work can all be consolidated in one place. So don’t be too surprised at the new name on your Blogroll.

It’s Asali Earthwork @

Thank you for healing with me!

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