Look Both Ways, a First Quarter in Cancer Two Card Layout

Mondays are tough enough for most folks without being hit by lunar Cancer feels. Whimper not! It’s neither a full nor a new moon but a first quarter moon.

First quarter moons are all about gaining momentum, grounding deeper into your lunar goal. We’re right in the roll-rush to the full moon and it may seem like everything is picking up speed around us. It’s all good, we should be making headway-

And also check in.

Think of this as a “look both ways before you cross” spread.


It was inspired by Cancer’s push to check in with deep intuition, but I like slinging this simple two card layout on the regular- especially for First Quarters, not just the moon, but First Quarters of projects and other cycles we may be into.

Customize it for yourself: use just one set of words, or combine them all- heck be specific! (for example, What should I be open to giving/receiving creatively?).

Have fun with it, and all the first quarter moon blessings to you!

New Moon in Cancer Blazing

I was in need of some deep guidance but still feeling a bit tender from the past few days of a low swing. I turned to my very trusted and dear Mythical Goddess Tarot. She’s my very first deck, and even when she’s delivering hard messages I can sit with where she’s coming from.


New Moon in Cancer reading; the Hanged Man Spread with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

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signal boost: Cancer Tarotscopes Are Out!

Much like an astrological forecast in the form of a horoscope, tarotscopes use tarot in conjunction with astrology to give a monthly forecast. This one is special, written by twelve different contributors for maximum perspective.

The tarot forecasts are written by twelve different tarot readers for each sign, assuring a tailored, varied and intuitive voice for each sign’s tale.

The Crab’s season is rising with shift worthy of the Tower card and I could definitely feel that as I wrote the tarotscope for Libra again this month.


Read for your sun, moon, and rising sign and get the full ‘scope here!


Hi, I’m Asali! I’m a Black queer femme earthworker passionate about tarot, tea, and healing work. Schedule a card reading with me for a deeply clarifying intuitive tarot session. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, drop me a line!

Quick Draw, Transform & Transmute


1. GIVE – THE WISE ONE (The Hermit)


What a great reading as the year comes to a close. According to The Daughters of the Moon Tarot, The Wise One as depicted here is The Crone, The Hag of Winter. She symbolizes wisdom, solitude, and transformative death. As the year closes, remembering to meditate on my knowledge collected and give over to the release of closure.

“The Crone or Hag symbolizes that part of us that possesses deep knowledge, understanding and seasoning. She appears as the dark moon and lives in the unconscious, where dreams begin.”

Going into the new year, possibilities are endless, all roads are open, the weave has just begun, and so comes The Spiderwoman confirming that all the knowledge received in the energy of The Wise Woman, has to be transformed with intention.

“As we become more aware of the results of our acts, we develop more control over them. Our sense of destiny becomes a positive trust in life. Of course, great responsibility comes with this skill, and sometimes we wonder which is easier, the way of the innocent who steps blindly into joys and sorrows, or the way of The Wise One who must make so many careful decisions based on Her knowledge.”

The Spiderwoman card asks, “Okay, so now you know a bit of something. What are you gonna do with it?”


New Moon in Cancer: ALL THE FEELINGS

New moon in Cancer, you say? Prime time for emotions you say? Probably going to want to cry uncharacteristically you say?


Here’s what I wish someone would have told me a week ago, before this new moon. You’re going to want to be held, and it might not come. On a night like this, it might feel like the worst thing. If you are an intuitive, an empath, anything of the like. All feelings will be amplified sevenfold and it may be overwhelming.

“Here we go. Today marks the darkest phase of the moon before its monthly renewal on Wednesday evening. And what a new moon this looks to be. Full of intense emotional purging and reconsidering what we want to belong to, Wednesday’s new moon in Cancer looks to give us the means to unravel the stories that have kept us locked in fear, shame and pain.” xx

So try one or all of the following and:

  • Drink teas with lavender and chamomile and rosemary.
  • Burn ylang ylang, lotus, and/or jasmine incense.
  • Hold rose quartz and moonstone.
  • Write yourself a note, just one if more is too much, of sweetness and light.
  • Watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon whenever possible and forget for a moment.

A few reminders and affirmations for this coming week:

  1. What you feel is valid and real.
  2. The boundaries you set deserve respect.
  3. You deserve the care you seek.
  4. A bath sounds like a great idea because it is.
  5. Removing yourself from uncomfortable spaces is your prerogative.
  6. Self-care and self-love is justice and survival.
  7. If no one else is there, remember your ancestral mothers, call on them.