Meditative Tarot Tea: The Emperor


wp-1459813638454.jpgCard is The Emperor from The Wooden Tarot

Blended to ground you in holding on to your self-confidence and inner power; perfect for when you need guidance to reassert yourself from an overwhelming situation or maintain your equanimity.

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Meditative Tarot Tea: The Hermit



Card is The Hermit from the Wooden Tarot

Go within and search out your inner light; this minty blend is created to guide you into deep meditation and stillness. Seek out your inner wisdom, wise spirit, and mother ancestors and guides.

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Meditative Tarot Tea: Seeker of Cups


Page of Blooms (Cups) from The Wooden Tarot

A desire to feel deeper, trust oneself with more confidence.

The Seeker of Cups tea blend is full of fresh floral promise, guiding you to quiet excitement for your own journey as gentle as the first spring flowers blooming.

Created to celebrate Ostara and welcome the Spring!

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Seeker of Cups Meditative Tarot Tea

seeking the water, happy spring equinox!

I don’t know about you, but the energy of this year has been fierce and unrelenting. Every time I think I’m catching my breath, I’m already falling off the next cliff. Not that it’s been all bad, necessarily- a lot of what is whirling me around is opportunities for growth. I’m just working on accepting it for the blessings they are, and taking all of it in as affirmation.


What I’m doing for the equinox, simple and practical:

1. Drinking tea! Of course. In fact, this tea blend will feature quite a bit in my equinox activities. Here’s a beautiful blend to welcome Spring, inspired by the Page of Cups:

Seeker of Cups Tea Blend
🌸 Heather
🌸 Jasmine
🌸 Chamomile
🌸 Lemon Balm
Add milk, if you like, a symbol of fertility- especially since I can safely assume you won’t be adding eggs!

2. Having a healing bath. I’ll be using the same herbs I made my Seeker of Cups tea with in my bath.

3. Bringing fresh flowers into my space.

4. Simmer pot! All the herbs in my tea with some lemon slices to add a kick of fresh.

5. Clearing my sacred spaces, tools, and altars.

6. Cleaning my space in general, a minor spring cleaning to let in the new and move the energy of the old out. A floor wash made of the tea assisting with the energy work.


What are you up to this week to celebrate Ostara/Equinox/Easter/Rebirth?

New Moon in Cancer: ALL THE FEELINGS

New moon in Cancer, you say? Prime time for emotions you say? Probably going to want to cry uncharacteristically you say?


Here’s what I wish someone would have told me a week ago, before this new moon. You’re going to want to be held, and it might not come. On a night like this, it might feel like the worst thing. If you are an intuitive, an empath, anything of the like. All feelings will be amplified sevenfold and it may be overwhelming.

“Here we go. Today marks the darkest phase of the moon before its monthly renewal on Wednesday evening. And what a new moon this looks to be. Full of intense emotional purging and reconsidering what we want to belong to, Wednesday’s new moon in Cancer looks to give us the means to unravel the stories that have kept us locked in fear, shame and pain.” xx

So try one or all of the following and:

  • Drink teas with lavender and chamomile and rosemary.
  • Burn ylang ylang, lotus, and/or jasmine incense.
  • Hold rose quartz and moonstone.
  • Write yourself a note, just one if more is too much, of sweetness and light.
  • Watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon whenever possible and forget for a moment.

A few reminders and affirmations for this coming week:

  1. What you feel is valid and real.
  2. The boundaries you set deserve respect.
  3. You deserve the care you seek.
  4. A bath sounds like a great idea because it is.
  5. Removing yourself from uncomfortable spaces is your prerogative.
  6. Self-care and self-love is justice and survival.
  7. If no one else is there, remember your ancestral mothers, call on them.