signal boost: Aries: Gems for the Inspirer by Spirit de la Lune

Aries season is almost past but the time for inspiration is always now. I’ve been thinking more and more about what correlations between the signs and crystals I could tap into so finding this post was perfect. They also do a wonderful breakdown of the distinctions of how Aries moves in Sun verses Moon signs before giving wonderful crystal suggestions for working with Aries.

Aries energy resonates with the first three chakras: Root, Sacral, and Solar because those are closely linked to the body and the natural primal instincts we have for surviving, creating, moving, and thriving – Aries feel most comfortable in these chakras! Working with the stones below can help Aries navigate the powerful energy always moving through them. Carry or wear these stones with you while the Moon is in Aries or anytime you need more energy, motivation, or courage!

More crystals and Aries tips at the original post here!

 image credit to Spirit De La Lune

Care & Charging of Your Crystals and Stones

These are my go to methods:

– Let them sit in sunlight and moonlight. Depending on the type moon (full, half, pisces, libra etc) you can even give particular intentions a boost.

– Bury them in salt.

– Wash them cool water.

– Bathe them in an herb infusion or tea. Bitter or sour to clean and cleanse (ex: lemon or pine). Sweet to bring intention (ex: lavender or clove). Hot to activate (ex: ginger or chili).

– Surround in smoke. Dried Herbs are most often used- like sage, palo santo, or rosemary. Prepare your herb bundles for your intentions, for example: burn sweet herbs like lavender for sweet intentions. Incense is a useful alternative. Be careful.

– Store next to medium to large-sized selenite; ask the selenite to keep your stones clear. Selenite is excellent as it is a self-clearing stone.

– Breathe on your crystals. Blowing a cool slow breath with your intentions after one of these or even just because activates your crystals and stones to you.

Dream Work Treats!

My new dreaming amethyst.

Looking to do some crown work, sight work, or dream work? Find yourself an amazing cut of amethyst that immediately draws you in. Amethyst crystals connect you to spirit, particularly if you engage in any channel work. Amethysts are great if you are working with dream recall.

Access your highest wisdom!



Abundant Citrine


Sit with Oshun a while, shine love and abundance on your womb, mind, and heart.

Citrine is a stone of confidence, courage, love, luck, and sweetness. It inspires an attitude of prosperity and abundance pulling you away from a lack mentality. Lovely citrine reminds you that you are abundant, worthy, and loved. It urges you to be more conscious of the way you move in the world, helping you move past negation and limitation. Activate your confidence! Citrine comes to help move you into your power.

Wrap in copper to boost vibration.