#taroteveryday: loving is an act of courage

Venus has gone direct and it has some pretty explicit instructions for me. As told by the results of this check-in spread.


1. What is the state of my heart space at this time? KNIGHT OF WANDS. I laughed out loud at the sight of this Knight. Proud, irreverent, eyes closed to their surroundings and really anything anyone might say in assist- if it doesn’t vibe with what they think is best. That’s me about this topic. Oh, I’m very open-hearted… but only when I want to be, how I want to be, and where I want to be. Which isn’t a bad thing- it’s served me well and let me take care of myself, but it isn’t always the best move. Especially when literally every single major reading, and now minor everyday readings like this one, are asking me to put the couer in courage and meet love in a new way.

2. What energy needs releasing? EIGHT OF SWORDS.  Around Ostara I received cards with essentially this message– that any perceived restrictions, obstacles, or incapability are an illusion. I’m not powerless in this space, in fact moving from a place of openness, love, and joy is my power.

3. What energy should be invited? ACE OF PENTACLES. Usually the cups suit is all about emotion, but I see my heart in that coin being offered. Pentacles are also about treasure, and my heart full of light and crystals and magic is my greatest treasure. It’s not the end of the world to offer it up and know that what makes it precious is also what protects it, so I’ll be fine.

4. Additional guidance to invite balance and flow? LOVE. Well, yes.

Love is lifeforce.
-Alexis Pauline Gumbs



#taroteveryday, be good to you!

You’re almost there, the holidays are almost over. It’s time to check in with yourself now that the bulk of the rush is past. Sift through the expectations, obligations, and felicitations to recenter your spirit.


Seven of Air, Dark Goddess Tarot

Laverna from the Dark Goddess Tarot reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with thinking of ourselves from time to time.  Often we forget to check in with our own needs, particularly where emotional labor is concerned- this can be particularly taxing around the holidays.

Be intentional about indulging yourself today, remember to be selfish-that’s not necessarily a bad word! We are interconnected with each other, yes. However, for our communities to flourish, we must thrive individually first.

#taroteveryday: and sometimes the cards are very clear… 

Get out of your own way.

We can be so focused on what everyone else is doing to us, we forget to check in with the fight within us that’s feeding those external forces. It may not be all in your head, just be honest when some of it is. 

#taroteveryday: __________

I couldn’t find a title for this post; I could hardly find the rest of these words.

I’m working through some assigned shadow work that would require me to face some trauma I’d put aside. To say I’m procrastinating would be an understatement. I’m avoiding. Hard. I don’t see a way through this- at least not one that doesn’t result in my disappointment, hurt, and frustration that I’d even bothered. At the same time, the possibility of success, of surviving this trial promises a deeper connection to parts of myself and my roots that I’ve always felt a blockage around.

Of course, my cards served it up to me straight no chaser. I drew an Occasional Oracle for my network and drew the Crow from the Winged Enchantment Oracle. It’s ancestral knowledge seeking. It’s all about the dive deep into the shadow and getting out of our own damn way. 

I hesitantly explored this card further and drew from the Stretch Tarot.  The figure in the Four of Cups looks inward and only sees the dark, the Five of Swords. Their back is turned away from the promise in the Ace of Cups– the reason they began this journey in the first place. Of course, when I say they I really mean me. And perhaps you, if you’ve also have a hard time engaging shadow work that requires so much peeling away of tightly placed bandages and exposing the wound beneath.

I wish us both the best of luck.

on the road

I’m out of town for work!

A prospect about which I’m half and half about most times. The cons being the work (if it’s boring meetings) and the actual traveling part- I hate driving, flying, really any kind of thing that moves me from place to place over long distances- and the pros being I love the very mini-vacation it offers- a chance to not be at home, spend time in a comped room, and have food delivered, etc. In any case, I always travel with the necessities: change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and of course tarot (and tea if I’ve been very good and prepped early enough to blend myself some loose leaf for the trip).

I try to look for a new easy to work spread to try out in new spaces and this time I landed on one from Tarot for Business, a general SWOT analysis spread to reflect on my time and energy while I’m here (at least the work part). Just something quick to give me a little guidance and heighten the interest level on a business trip.


reading from The Stretch Tarot, I love the reworking of the 6 of Wands

This reading took me the long way winding round but I choose to be game for the ride and look forward to watching it unfold. Continue reading

#taroteveryday: lay down your sword and take up your shield 

We all need reminders to talk ourselves away from the cliff. I was working through some deep anxiety today and I had to give myself a break from going full force at whatever was coming at me- I had to give the Knight of Swords in myself the permission to back off and take stock before moving forward.

Today’s reading from the Ostara Tarot

It’s okay to rest and retreat for a moment in order to come back stronger and rejuvenated. You deserve that moment to breathe, protected, and safe. Put down your sword and take up your shield.

It’s not about falling into seclusion or accepting defeat, more like storing up energy for the next big step you’ll take. Ask for help where you can (you can).

Learn and practice self-compassion. You deserve that kindness.


Hi, I’m Asali! I’m a Black queer femme earthworker passionate about tarot, tea, and healing work. Schedule a card reading with me for a deeply clarifying intuitive tarot session. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, drop me a line!

star of wonder

What a fascinating combination of cards. Most other decks, this would be a clearly upbeat hopeful reading result. But this is Night Vale.

Stars are usually symbols of hope, have been for centuries, but this starlight comes in a bit strange. An alien greeting through space and time, but you don’t know if they come in peace. There’s an ambiguity about what is coming, especially followed by this Four of Wands. The Page of Swords who comes after is braced for what- attack or for defense- it’s hard to know.

This reading feels like a visual depiction of “May you live in interesting times.”


reading from the Welcome to Night Vale Tarot