Reading for the Week: Seeking Our Truth

Truth is this week’s cause. What can it mean to be true to ourselves, our spirits, our legacies, and our bodies? What can it mean to be true to each other?


So asks The Sojourner, speaker of truths welcome and unwelcome. Our ability to communicate our needs and desires- particularly to each other must be allowed full space. How do we move with more honesty in our relationships? What relationships leave us more likely to minimize, obfuscate, and outright lie? We’ll be asking plenty of hard questions this week in our communication and we are asked to lean into it. Questions are the knock on the truth’s door and we must answer.

The full moon in Gemini will expose the imbalances, fallacies, and untruths and without preparation for that work, we are more prone to be caught up in double speak and two faced manipulations. So do what you know you must, and make space for yourself to meditate on your truth expression- even if it means hiding yourself away for some moments this week.

After the work is done, notice the space created when the stagnant energy of lies, lack, and doubt is moved. Feel out what belongs in that newly cleared space and ensure it fills you.

signal boost: Taurus Tarotscopes Are Out!

Tarotscopes are out! Read your sun, moon, and rising sign with a tarot twist. It’s retrograde season, see what may be coming up for you as the season gets exciting.

What is a Tarotscope anyway?

Much like an astrological forecast in the form of a horoscope, tarotscopes use tarot in conjunction with astrology to give a monthly forecast. This one is special, written by twelve different contributors for maximum perspective.

Yours truly wrote for Libra, though I encourage you to read the whole tarotscope at Siobhan’s Mirror, here!

header image credit: AquaSixio @ DeviantArt

A New Hope for the Sagittarius New Moon

My wonderful Godsister was in town this past weekend and we got a chance to sit with the new moon in Sagittarius. It was an incredible powerful night and the energy soared. We did a beautiful mirror reading for the moon using the spread below.


It worked wonderfully and the messages received were so timely.


Seven of Flames (Victory) – The Victory is mine whether or not there’s people to see me take it. Stop worrying that people do not see me. Furthermore, it’s another request for stillness. There’s a lot of movement, specifically racing, in this card, and even though it’s done in joy it doesn’t serve me right now.

Three of Blades (Focus) – Stillness in balance. There is a process. I am guided, I have help and are watched over. My magic is still alive in this stillness. Maferefun Eshu at the crossroads.

Seven of Cups (Jealousy) – I’m not forget the abundance when yearning for so much else that is not at this moment for my highest good. I must be careful, particularly as I hold it in my womb. Also I must be weary of energy being pulled from me as well and to be guarded from those who might take from me that way. This particularly I’ve received a warning about before.

One of Pentacles (Nu Kwa) – Abundance comes, welcome the new beginnings. Maferefun Obatala! Maferefun Orisha!

The Dreamer (The Fool) – I must come to the water and give all that I don’t need. Take in what I need, my highest good, drink in ancestral knowledge. Another affirmation of the dreamwork I’m doing.

Maat (Justice) – Completely unsubtle message of find BALANCE. Be still, baby.

The Teacher – Pulled from the Black Angel Cards, as that is what my Godsister was reading from (she pulled from one of my Daughter of the Moon cards for this card position). Ancestral wisdom. Be still and watch myself go. I am also on my way to growing as a teacher, an example, a mover, a learner, a healer already. Rethinking how movement is possible while still remaining rooted.

This was a beautiful reading, I give thanks.

Tarot of the QTPOC & Deck Review: Daughters of the Moon Tarot

The Daughters of the Moon Tarot is self-proclaimed as “the definitive feminist tarot deck” (though I think the Motherpeace Tarot gives it a run for its money, as well as borrows from its tradition).

How queer or even feminist is it though?


Yes there is racial diversity, romantic and sexual diversity, perhaps even hints at gender diversity. However, one of the things I have an issue with in feminist decks, is the over-emphasis of the vulva as the essence of womanhood, which is frankly untrue and transphobic.


As for the womb, I envision the womb as a the spirit space in all of us that births our art, imagination, and visions- not necessarily the physical. One could argue the same for the vulva, but when the visual representations remain fundamentally physical it remains problematic. I will say that this isn’t a motif found in every single card, and this grievance comes from exposure to multiple decks that do this- perhaps most flagrantly guilty The Mythical Goddess Tarot, a deck I love and use often.

I also say all this as a cis woman, and I acknowledge that for that reason alone my words may hold absolutely no water.

What the deck does it’s best to do is project women’s power, and that it tries to project it in the bodies of racially variant women- images of tending hearth and home, goddesshood, mother nature-love, women’s community, and warrior spirit.

Daughters of The Moon tarot deck also varies the ages of the people it portrays. Bodies are varied and beautifully rendered, conceptions of love and lovers are queer- it even has multiple options for the major arcana Lovers card.

Fair warning, though you might not mind, they’ve changed the names of some of the major arcana and the suit names for the minors: ex: The Magician – The Witch; Wands – Flames. They’ve also pulled some cards: you are asked to find The Emperor and The Hierophant in the The Empress and High Priestess cards, respectively. Little if anything about this deck tries to be traditional.

If you don’t mind the challenge of shuffling a round deck and the complete pretzel that is trying to work reversals with a round card, then this is certainly a deck to consider if you are on the lookout for decks that tend towards feminism.

The Motherpeace Tarot & Gorgon’s Tarot, other favorites, followed off of this tradition, which gives you more selection if you choose to a different path. Otherwise, I say this deck deserves due consideration for being as old as it is and having done quite a bit of work to heal and inspire.