quick deck review and interview: Oracle of Oddities

Working with the Oracle of Oddities by Claire Goodchild at Black and the Moon today.

I have been crushing on this deck since I first saw it after tracking down the source of her Antique Anatomy tarot (which is also pretty darn cool, btw). I’m pretty easy when it comes to decks, I have to admit- make it weird and stick a bunch of plants on it and you’ve got me.

The version of the Oracle of Oddities I have is actually the second edition. The first run went out of print a while ago and I was quietly devastated. I was excited to find out that Claire was putting together a second edition with new cards and made a point to get them as soon as I could.

The deck interview went a little weird.



Let me see if I can parse this.

There are two ways this goes, looking at this reading. Either this deck and I are going to come to a tragic but aesthetically pleasing separation or…

I’m going to work through this. It feels like this is a deck that requires that I do most of the work. It is not one to turn to when I have no idea where to go. It’s more of a guiding hand rather than access to wisdom that I don’t already have. Overuse could turn… well, toxic. I will add that the first thought I had when I saw this card is that the antidote to a poison often contains the poison itself.

Having had it for a while now, I’ve also noticed I reach for this deck when reading for others and have had a superb time with it. Clients often see and hear what they need to with hardly more than a prompt from me. It grabs the intuition and doesn’t let go until you get what you need to receive.

So here’s to an odd relationship!

Tarot of the QTPOC: Gaian Tarot Review

Happy to review this deck long since added to my Tarot of the QTPOC list, The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The original version of the Gaian Tarot was indie released in 2010, then LLewellyn in 2011, and this year by Schiffer and I’m glad for it. Decks like this often sell quick- people are hungry to see themselves in the decks they work with- and what is left available after the first printing is usually price gouged to the high heavens (prayer circle for the Collective Tarot). Reprintings keep decks more accessible, and I especially encourage folks to prioritize the support of indie reprints.

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Deck Review & Interview: Tarot of Trees

I’ve been pining after this deck for some time and it’s finally in my hands!

Tarot of Trees is a gorgeous indie tarot deck by Dana O’Driscoll that works with tree motifs. It is heavily inspired her path as a druid and her deep connection to trees and their spirit.


Birth Cards: The Emperor; Death

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Tarot of the QTPOC and Deck Review: The Mary-El Tarot

Some tarot decks you can look away from.

Your eye glazes over the art and you look for what you want to find; you seek out what you’re used to finding in a particular card, careless of what’s there that doesn’t fit.


my birth cards: The Emperor and Death

Enter The Mary-El Tarot: Landscapes of the Abyss, and I dare you to look away. In fact, I bet you try.

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