for the witch on the go, a quick but punchy balance&protect spray

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been more and more all about the ‘brew and dash’ magic working. I’ve also been working this long enough to understand that quick doesn’t necessarily mean weak or ineffective.

The reality is we all have lives to live, and while a deep three hour long ritual with all the literal bells and whistle sounds amazing (and should absolutely be indulged in as much as you can), it isn’t always feasible. It isn’t always necessary, either.

Sometimes, I want an easy to whip up room clearing blend with stuff I already have on hand, and I want it ready to go ASAP. And other times I just wanna mix up a protective spray, let it sit in the moonlight while I go to sleep, and be able to use it the next day.

I’ve been meaning to spiritually reinforce my corners, windows, and doors (literal and figurative). I’m doing a lot of spiritual work this season and want to be sure that my space remains clear of psychic clutter. This isn’t necessarily an all out repelling blend, more for use in balancing, lifting, and keeping my psychic perimeter clear.

It’s easy to make. Set intentions, and repeat as you work. Grab a spray bottle or other container of your choice. Mix the ingredients below and add a crystal for extra punch. Let sit in window to receive moon and sun for over a day. Spray your corners, doors, windows, and in between spaces or around you in when you want to reinforce a ritual circle.

Properties of the ingredients:

Florida Water – Create your own, or grab some from the botanica. Florida Water is a sweet cologne that cleanses and attracts positive energy.
Chili Seeds – Shake some into your container from your favorite dried chili. Chili brings the heat, punching through spiritual blockage and stagnancy with fervor. It’s known for its usefulness in casting hexes and curses but in this blend I turn that offense into defense and call on its countering protective properties. I could go on and on about Chili- and I did, here!

Sage Essential Oil– An obvious choice. Naturally anti-you name it (antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial, etc). It provide balance and additional protective energy to the blend.
Tea Tree Essential Oil – This is one of those oils most folks advice you to have in your collection if you are just starting out. Tea Tree is a versatile essential oil, and in this blend is used for it’s protection against stagnant and cloying energies.
Ginger Essential Oil – I don’t recommend taking a deep inhale of this oil. It is pungent and feels to me like someone punched out every one of my nose hairs. I like to think it brings those properties to this blend. It’s the power cell of this blend; it keeps the energy bold and dynamic.
Citronella Essential Oil – Part of the reason it is included in this blend is that the strong citrus scent lifts the other essential oils’ scent. It also performs that lift on a psychic level while also acting as a natural repellent (for both your literal and spiritual bugs).

simple and intention filled recipe and ritual for the new moon

Here is a simple but powerful new moon essential oil blend.

Sage for wisdom and purity,
Rosemary for clarity and discernment,
Tea Tree for upliftment and cleansing.

Diffuse into your space and add candle magic for extra wonder. It’s no accident that this is also a great crown chakra and third eye essential oil blend. You can also make enough of an oil blend to apply throughout the week to keep you focused. Notice how clear your space and spirit feels after- inhale deeply and release all that weighs you down.

One of the best parts about this blend is that it makes a great practical base for every new moon- you could add to it as necessary (for example some ylang ylang or jasmine for moons that call for extra sweetness).

I am planning to meet the new moon in sagittarius with hope and anticipation for new paths to take; this will definitely help.


Blue Moon in Aquarius Restore & Release Oil Blend

wpid-20150731_223217.jpgCreated this oil blend for a friend to restore and release for the blue moon.

Drop me a line right here in the comments if you’d like to nab a batch for yourself or order through my store.

Touchy Touchy! Coming Down from a 10 to a 2

Anger happens to the best of us. It’s often justified, and often triggered by inconsiderate people and circumstances. While it can be useful to express, it is an emotion that very easily gets away from us and can builds in intensity rather than deflate when the initial situation has passed. I found myself in this situation recently, where I just couldn’t stop being angry, and though I’d done my best to mitigate- I removed myself from spaces, threw my phone away, grabbed my most soothing blend of herbal teas, I was still feeling quite unnecessarily ragey, anger like a never ending geyser. Which just made me more frustrated with myself. Which made me angrier, and the cycle continued.

Close to giving up, I threw the following in the bath and went in for some good old fashioned aromatherapy. It worked! Almost as soon as the steam started dissipating the scents of the oils, I could feel my anger calm measurably, and the longer I stayed in, the better I felt. I confess that even after I was still a tad irritated, but that at least was actually proportional to the situation instead of a constantly building overreaction. So I count this blend as a success. As I wanted to eventually get some sleep, I dropped the blend in a carrier oil and applied on the soles of my feet, around my nose and upper lip, on my hands, my scalp and hair.

Here’s my calm the hell down recipe:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Nutmeg
  • Sandalwood

Hope this works for you as well as it did for me!

Full Moon in Capricorn Essential Oil Blend

wpid-2015-07-01-22.48.00.jpg.jpegTreat yourself this month for this Full Moon in Capricorn, elevation and grounding is yours!

  • Lavender
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Clary Sage
  • Cypress
  • Patchouli
  • Dried Jasmine Flowers (7 buds)

**Carry in Jojoba or your favorite carrier oil.

Place under full moon for the night, or three days beginning on the full moon.


Shark Week Essential Oil Blend

fin-294474_640 There’s very little in this world as distressing and disruptive and regular as menstruation. For me it’s no walk in the park and I have gotten rather exhausted with turning to pills and the like to feel better.  Here’s an essential oil blend I’m trying out in my diffuser and in a carrier oil for topical application. Intentions set are healing, clearing, and pain release and relief.

  • Bergamot
  • Clary Sage
  • Cinnamon
  • Fennel
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Nutmeg
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary

This Is A Peppermint PSA

Never overdo peppermint essential oil.


(Honestly, this is legitimate advice for ALL essential oils.)

I wanted a relaxing, ache relieving bath after a long night out and of course I turned to lavender and peppermint. Which is fine, except that both came in bottles with no pour control, and I was too lazy to go locate my dropper. I assumed it would all be fine seeing as I was in this giant tub of water.

Big mistake.

I pour the lavender in, using my eyes to estimate. It’s fine. Lavender is actually a relatively mild oil compared to most, and while you should always use caution and dilute by default before applying or ingesting any essential oils, I didn’t feel any side effects and was rather basking in the immediate calm it induced.

Then I added the peppermint oil.

For a while it was fine, and I was enjoying the mingling of floral and minty relaxing scents, then the cooling tingly sensation spread and that was new, but expected. What I didn’t expect is for that cooling tingly sensation to intensify exponentially and start to feel like a very cold chemical burn, even in the hot water! I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. You see, even in that much water, oil will float (and I knew this but the vast amounts of water had always seemed to help spread the oil around)! The peppermint oil just settled around my skin, wherever near the surface, and coated it every time I moved. Needless to say, when the burning started, I immediately jumped up, drained the water, and started the shower.

I ended up spending quite some time under the shower soaping up and rinsing my skin, over and over till the sensation abated. I also applied olive oil (standard carrier oil) to the worst hit of the skin in hopes of diluting whatever was left of the peppermint essential oil. I did worry about this locking in the peppermint oil and not letting it evaporate but the burning stopped after I did this so I’m currently okay with this. Also, with the rather vigorous soaping, my skin was dry and tight and was crying out for moisturization. I’m writing this about fifteen minutes after all of this, and let me tell you, there are parts of my body STILL feeling that cooling tingly sensation (but no longer burning, thank God)!

All this is to say, for God’s sake DILUTE, and NEVER overdo essential oils. Add to that, handle with care and be aware that accidents happen so I recommend handling even the bottles in gloves, just in case some spills.

Trust me, you don’t want to know what a cold burn (keep in mind, some essential oils burn VERY HOT) feels like.

Lesson learned.