deck interview: Slow Holler Tarot

Meeting the Slow Holler Tarot has been quite a ride. This deck is already metaphorically cracking my ribs open a bit so I felt it would behoove me to cast a deck interview spread to explore our working relationship. The words in italics are from the Slow Holler LWB.


deck interview with the Slow Holler Tarot

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#taroteveryday: Navigating Through My Shadow

I have a feeling my reading with the Four of Cards spread the other day is going to follow me for quite some time. On my way out to errands I drew some cards as tarot guidance for the day with the Slow Holler and got my heart caught in my throat once more.


Five of Knives & The Navigator from The Slow Holler Tarot

I received a very interesting rendition of the Five of Swords and my birth card in the form of The Navigator. As always, when your birth card shows up, it’s best to pay close attention. Continue reading

#taroteveryday: __________

I couldn’t find a title for this post; I could hardly find the rest of these words.

I’m working through some assigned shadow work that would require me to face some trauma I’d put aside. To say I’m procrastinating would be an understatement. I’m avoiding. Hard. I don’t see a way through this- at least not one that doesn’t result in my disappointment, hurt, and frustration that I’d even bothered. At the same time, the possibility of success, of surviving this trial promises a deeper connection to parts of myself and my roots that I’ve always felt a blockage around.

Of course, my cards served it up to me straight no chaser. I drew an Occasional Oracle for my network and drew the Crow from the Winged Enchantment Oracle. It’s ancestral knowledge seeking. It’s all about the dive deep into the shadow and getting out of our own damn way. 

I hesitantly explored this card further and drew from the Stretch Tarot.  The figure in the Four of Cups looks inward and only sees the dark, the Five of Swords. Their back is turned away from the promise in the Ace of Cups– the reason they began this journey in the first place. Of course, when I say they I really mean me. And perhaps you, if you’ve also have a hard time engaging shadow work that requires so much peeling away of tightly placed bandages and exposing the wound beneath.

I wish us both the best of luck.

The Reader’s Tarot Reading

Going deeper into my craft means I gotta know what I’m working with. Thankfully, littleredtarot (which is becoming a destination blog for me right now) had a spread to ask myself and my deck just those questions.

wpid-20150726_000841-1-1-1.jpg1. About you in general: what is your most important characteristic?
5 of Wind – this is a card that loves to follow me around. It also tells me there’s a lesson to learn from fear, or rather working through it. Greatest blessing and curse, absolutely. Fear is an absence of love in some form or another, so my best bet is to concentrate on that- if I’m feeling uncomfortable, lean into it and find what is at that core. Insecurity, learn to love myself through to the other side and see my strengths for what they are and the weaknesses as opportunities for lessons.

2. What strengths do you already have as a reader?
5 of Seas – lots of fives. I also often read the swords suit as the antithesis of the cups suits- at least for me my heart space is often blocked by my mind space. So that these come together is par for the course for me. An ability to work through and release that fear is helpful to me at this stage of my tarot reading. Healing and release open me up to see clearly and be free of illusions and negativity.

3. What limits do you feel as a reader?
Death – being on to the next one…getting locked and not being able to go to the next stage. Giving into fear is my weakness. Brave the world with confidence.


4. What key lesson can you learn on your developmental journey?
9 of Earth – research, connection, practice, other practitioners. The community I build will be key to my development. Moreover, using tarot within my community connects to my identity as an earthworker and community healer.

5. How can you be open to learning and developing on this journey?
Ace of Fire – New sight, new vision, and new wisdom.

6. What is the potential outcome of this journey?
4 of Water – Beautiful, an owning of my own power and fulfillment of my goals as a reader and healer.

all you need is love…

I’ve always been curious about multi-deck spreads. Only way to form an opinion on them was to try it. My instinct was to keep it simple, three card draw, one from each deck. It turned out beautifully, actually.


(from L to R: Wooden Tarot, Herbal Tarot, Mythical Goddess Tarot)

GOD OF BLOOMS: It’s time to accept love and all its potential for transformation. This means developing an intuition for it, for looking for all that is sweet instead of using intuition to just defend. It’s the moment to be open, at the very least re-learn how to be open. A new opportunity for the heart and spirit to grow.

TWO OF CUPS: After all of that, comes the scariest part: opening up to a love connection. This does not mean romantic, but it doesn’t rule it out. Love connection to others, to an idea, to work, to an opportunity, to myself.

FIVE OF WIND (FEAR): This is what crosses me. It’s the blockage caused by fear, caused by doubt, that keeps me from fully diving into these new connections.

What a beautiful message from Oshun. Opening up heart space can be the hardest thing to do. Often, our mind space is our defense against violations of that space, but sometimes our minds go overboard, and we forget the way back to openness, to healing, and to vulnerability. We forget all the things that make life sweet and worth living. Fear of sustaining that openness in a world that makes violation look inevitable is valid, but there may be light on the other side that can fill us up. That chance is worth taking.