Full Moon in Virgo Crossings with a Mind the Gap Spread

I welcome this full moon as a bridge from Winter to Spring as we await Ostara. In Virgo, the full moon calls us to take an account of where we are at, and where we want to go. Mixed in with the magic of a Spring sabbat and it’s all about grounding our vision in practical details. We need a plan for where we are going.

In that spirit I offer this Mind the Gap Spread for moving into new spaces with clarity. It’s named for that jump/step we take to get on a bridge leading to the other side.


Few bridges in life are seamlessly connected to either of the shores they connect. There’s almost always a space between shore and bridge- and so it is in life cycles.

What is that space for you? Is it filled with doubt, uncertainty, or is it a thrill of excitement running down your spine as you approach your next destination?

Whatever it is, pay attention to that space. It is giving you a glimpse into what the bridge might hide- a torrent beneath, another path, an abyss…there’s a lesson there too. Particularly as not all bridges are equal, and should you fall it’s always good to know what or where you are falling in to.

As you step into the transition, be mindful of your movements. Those first steps lay the foundation of where you are going. The preparation you do now is absolutely vital. Let the full moon in Virgo’s powered up attention detail lead you in that work.

And as always, keep an eye on your goal and what it really is rather than what it is supposed to be. A lot can happen in transition and you might find that the other side looks very different up close than what it did from afar.

All the best on your magical journey ❤

Reading for the Week: Seeking Our Truth

Truth is this week’s cause. What can it mean to be true to ourselves, our spirits, our legacies, and our bodies? What can it mean to be true to each other?


So asks The Sojourner, speaker of truths welcome and unwelcome. Our ability to communicate our needs and desires- particularly to each other must be allowed full space. How do we move with more honesty in our relationships? What relationships leave us more likely to minimize, obfuscate, and outright lie? We’ll be asking plenty of hard questions this week in our communication and we are asked to lean into it. Questions are the knock on the truth’s door and we must answer.

The full moon in Gemini will expose the imbalances, fallacies, and untruths and without preparation for that work, we are more prone to be caught up in double speak and two faced manipulations. So do what you know you must, and make space for yourself to meditate on your truth expression- even if it means hiding yourself away for some moments this week.

After the work is done, notice the space created when the stagnant energy of lies, lack, and doubt is moved. Feel out what belongs in that newly cleared space and ensure it fills you.

Full Moon In Scorpio

What would it take for you to step into your full power?

Tonight’s Scorpio blessed full moon comes in a season of retrogrades and transformation. What will you take back for yourself?

How will you love yourself better?

Moon Mail!

Sometimes the best healing is caught up in a loving word from a friend.

I’m lit up from the inside right now.


I also got crystal mail, a gorgeous amethyst that feels weirdly grounding and an amazonite and smoky quartz mix that’s got me buzzing with excitement.

What a wonderful combination!

Not pictured the gayest femmiest luscious velvet combat boots.

This was a good mail day!

From the Lady Virgo Luna


A full moon in Virgo during Pisces seasons asks as to release our fear, and as the year rolls on to firm up our sense of place in this solar cycle. Lovely Virgo Luna reminds us that for that to be so, we must ensure our internal foundation is built on firm ground- an understanding of self, a love of who we are, and a clear vision of what we seek for ourselves this year. Take the time to be self-indulgent today. It’s not about being selfish (banish that word) it is about making sure you’re cup is full- love the best you can manage for your spirit, your body, and your mind.

Loving yourself best can look like: clearing out your bedroom just so you can make it a better sanctuary; drinking more water so you have more energy; take time out for yourself so you can better hear the wisdom of your guides tonight.

Drink some tea. 

An indulgence for which I have a suggestion:

– Thyme
– Jasmine
– Calendula
– Holy Basil
– Fennel


I love myself deeply and release fear that keeps me still.

Quick Draw, Transform & Transmute


1. GIVE – THE WISE ONE (The Hermit)


What a great reading as the year comes to a close. According to The Daughters of the Moon Tarot, The Wise One as depicted here is The Crone, The Hag of Winter. She symbolizes wisdom, solitude, and transformative death. As the year closes, remembering to meditate on my knowledge collected and give over to the release of closure.

“The Crone or Hag symbolizes that part of us that possesses deep knowledge, understanding and seasoning. She appears as the dark moon and lives in the unconscious, where dreams begin.”

Going into the new year, possibilities are endless, all roads are open, the weave has just begun, and so comes The Spiderwoman confirming that all the knowledge received in the energy of The Wise Woman, has to be transformed with intention.

“As we become more aware of the results of our acts, we develop more control over them. Our sense of destiny becomes a positive trust in life. Of course, great responsibility comes with this skill, and sometimes we wonder which is easier, the way of the innocent who steps blindly into joys and sorrows, or the way of The Wise One who must make so many careful decisions based on Her knowledge.”

The Spiderwoman card asks, “Okay, so now you know a bit of something. What are you gonna do with it?”


Full Moon In Cancer, Be LOVEly

A full moon on Christmas! How lovely, though that can sometimes be challenging. Cancer brings forth all your emotions, at a time when emotions are already running some of the highest they do all year!

So if at all possible, be LOVE. To yourself, especially.

At a time when the focus can sometimes be GIVE GIVE GIVE, remember to give love to yourself first so that your cup is not bone dry by Dec 31st when you have to get ready to turn over a new year.

May you be surrounded by loved ones- spirit and chosen family.

heart lights