post debate magic because we need all the help. all of it. #politicalwitchesunite

Did you catch the debate tonight? Yeah. I know. Here’s some quick help with that all around gross feeling.

first, breaking baths & rituals. some of your herbal allies are sage, hyssop, cleaver, mugwort, & rosemary. smoke, wash, sprinkle, do whatever you need to clear yourself before you sleep. you absolutely do not need to take it with you.

afterward bring the sweetness back in. sip, breathe in or apply something sweet and calming like lavender, jasmine, calendula, or rose before bed tonight.

and listen to any instinct that tells you to ring sea salt around your bed.

Itchy Throat Easing Tea

Beloved readers, you and I are going to get through this cold together. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

I’m starting to suspect something a little stronger than a common cold- a sinus infection perhaps with the way my eyes, cheekbones, and teeth ache. I also woke up with an itchy throat which is usually a heads up that a cough is coming at me soon.

I hate coughs. More than the incessant runny nose, I absolutely hate coughs. I had respiratory issues as a child so non-stop coughing is far too familiar and I do my best to avoid it when possible. The painful sore throat and aching ribs are my cold & flu nightmare. So of course, I reached for my herb cabinet and so far so good, this little infusion recipe is keeping the cough at bay. Continue reading

Immune Boost Tea to Get Through Cold & Flu Season

Educators of the world unite! And drink lots of tea and other vitamin c rich drinks. Whether you’re a teacher, tutor, instructional aide, professor, teaching assistant, principal, or counselor you are familiar with how much of a petri dish educational institutions can be. I’ve caught a cold twice now- of different varieties each time and I’m sick of it. Sick of being sick, I’ve decided to make an infusion that should at least help keep me protected (along with other dietary additions and changes) and help me along with my current illness.

First things first, if you have the flu (and you’ll know when you have it, trust me) go get help. I’m all about natural medicine and I’m also aware that flus can quickly become dangerous, especially for the young and old.

If you have a cold, you’ve got a bit more leeway as the remedies for that are generally lots of rest, water, and vitamins. Oh and here’s a tea recipe to help move that along! Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Cup Spells!

Lemons are often used for their cutting and clear qualities. In woo and outside of woo, they are mama nature’s answer to clean and fresh. Part of the fun of making lemonade is the wonderful scent that permeates the room as you work, seeming to lift the energy of your space the longer you squeeze. I like to breathe deeply in these moments, allowing myself to clear as well. It becomes easy to understand why they are ancient moon magic used to cleanse, protect, and invigorate.


As I worked through the lemons, my eyes were continuously drawn to the drained lemon halves. Even after I finished, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. There was more work to be done.

So! Do as Muva Yonce said and go make lemonade, then follow along as called to with these simple kitchen spells.

Continue reading

boil boil, cauldron bubble; the sweetmix

Though nothing as sinister as Shakespeare’s witches. Only goodness and light and protection in my hot little simmer pot.

I let this simmer as I did a serious sage and palo cleansing of my space. As the smoke cleared- first the sage, then the palo, then the sandalwood and rose incense- only the simmer pot’s sweet citrus fresh remained.

My place feels amazing.

What’s in my pot?
– Sage, lemon, seasalt, and rosemary for cleansing and protection
– Oranges, jasmine, and roses to bring in sweet sweet energy


Bonus tip: pour down your drains in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and tubs

Bonus bonus tip: be sure to replace any energy you clear out (clear out the bad, bring in the good)

Clean & Cleanse: Simmer Pots!

A wonderful idea I got from Hearth Witchcraft.


A simmer pot!

Pick your herbs, salts, and whatever you’d like to add. Grab a pot, add water, add your special brew. Let it simmer on low to medium heat, as you like, and make sure it never runs out of water for as long as you work the pot. Remember to work with intention!

I love how my place feels as the pot works its magic, and it smells amaaazing!

My brew for clearing and bringing in sweetness:

  • Lemon
  • Lemonbalm
  • Rose petals
  • Rosemary

Bonus tip: if you use the right ingredients, you can also drink the tea!

Bonus bonus tip: add a non-soluble crystal (quartz family should do well enough on low heat) for added zing!