Weekly Outlook Spread

I’ve been thinking about this spread ever since I saw it used on Seven Card Spread who got it from The Tarot Parlor. It’s a customizable spread that gives an overview of what your week might look like.


A reading rife with Mars in retrograde energy. A time to examine what is already established, what needs shoring up and reevaluating. Not particularly a time to start new projects, but a time to look at current ones and ensure that all is as it should be. My Godmother’s constant warnings to pay attention to wars- or rather that I ensure to be out of wars as much as possible comes to mind. This is a time to draw on cool energy while everything around us burns. The highest vibrations of the orisha Ogun are all but required here- careful planning, grounded movement, and surgical strikes.

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1. What calls attention to my [specific chakra/energy center/focal point/circumstance] at this time? MOTHER OF SEAS [reversed] – With this part of myself on low power, it is hard for me to see where I’m going or even trying to go. Moreover, I’m unable to see myself as worthy, capable, confident for what I need to do. My perception is being skewed by what everyone else is thinking of me. Over-reliance on what others see, good and bad, means that I cannot move for myself, acknowledge for myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I understand that my solar plexus chakra is my life’s work in as much as it is the heart of my healing practice. I give to others, what do I leave for my own healing?

          2. What do I need to breathe out to unblock the flow of positive energy? LILITH (Power – The Emperor). My birth card always comes through when things are crucial. I’m a bit pained that it showed up in the part of the spread I need to release, but then again there’s always been a side to this card that clearly defined my shadow aspects. Where the rigidity, pride, and stubbornness of The Emperor left me moving from the place of my lowest vibration. She shows up in this spread on her side, not a place of power but more of surrender. I’ve just let things happen to me for too long, but I also need to very carefully evaluate what exactly it is that I need to stop happening to allow for what I want to happen… scratch that, what I need to do to make it happen, this is about strength of will after all.
          3. What do I need to breathe in to encourage the flow of positive energy? MAIDEN OF WIND (CLARITY) [reversed] – This spread is so much about seeing and knowing in a different way. Inverted, the art of Maiden of Wind is all about the fierce golden eagle ancestor guide. What might it mean to see through the eagle and not my just rely on my own aim? Recently, with startling frequency, I’m being asked to look outside of my narrow view and see with the eyes of those wiser, older, ancestor. Not an easy thing with my control issues, but that’s part of the release my birth card came to warn me about.

                        4. What additional guidance is there to invite balance and stability of flow? SEVEN OF FIRE (Courage) – It’s interesting that the image normally found in STRENGTH is showing up instead in this suit. Except here, the lion and the maiden aren’t on the same side. A different kind of strength is called for, it’s courage. I can’t help but feel like the lion and the maiden are the same being, just trying to find their way to evolving up to the Strength card. Confronting inner demons, as it were, inner shadows, facing up and forward. The hardest work but equally the most rewarding.

Haven’t I been here before?


I pulled the 10 of Disks from the Motherpeace Tarot with a question marking my current space in spiritual health. As much as I was the mother giving birth, I am the child being birthed.

We cycle back and forth through our healing, often healing the same spaces over and over. Perhaps it is that we have to peel the hurt and harm back, layer after layer, and it takes a while before we can come back. Sometimes it’s even that we grew back our layers of hurt and harm and yeah, we do the work over.

Not that it’s hopeless. Anyone paying attention to nature shows that it isn’t so. We shed to renew. This and that layer, and our current skin sustains as until it doesn’t, until it no longer serves us and then back to peeling we go. I won’t pretend that at times it isn’t an ugly, disgusting, sometimes even painful process- and the fresh layer is often raw, exposed, but it is our sacred growth cycle.

And when we settle into our skin we are radiant, renewed, and beautiful.

Re-Balancing Energy: 1. Checking In With My Root

So I created a spread for me to do on occasion throughout the year to check in and re-balance myself, and well… it’s daunting. It’s 9 cards, 18 if you do the second part and that’s a lot for someone to do all at once! It certainly felt like that for me, though I’m working a bit low right now, so I had the idea to just take it in bits, check in daily and work with myself in sequence. I’ll do the current status “how do I….” question first, and immediately follow up with the reinforcing “how should I…” question next. With follow up spreads as necessary.

1. How do I hold and support my being?
2. How should I hold and support my being?

wpid-20150619_230326-1.jpgSigh. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I’d gone through this nine times at once. Whew!

1. How do I hold and support my being?
ACE OF SWORDS (Chamomile) (REVERSED) – now how many times must I receive this card in reverse? Apparently, until I start listening! Currently I’m holding myself in a place of uncertainty with a tendency towards self-destruction. Wow. Absolutely true, but still hard to hear which is why I’m receiving this card so much. For it to be coming from root, no wonder I feel unsteady and doubtful!

2. How should I hold and support my being?
KNIGHT OF SWORDS (Wild Cherry Bark) – hello, call for balance! I need to reorient myself towards my true north. I have to locate my truth, and be ready to defend it without attacking others for theirs. The knight sees the big picture, gaze is toward the horizon and while the sword is drawn, it is on their shoulder, ready but not always on the attack. My tendency towards directness, forthrightness, bluntness must be tempered so it is not a mask to hide whatever uncertainty and doubt might lie beneath.

for the Summer Solstice’s New Moon: Letting Go, Letting Flow


modified from source: littleredtarot.com

I selected this particular spread because a seven card spread seemed apt for a moon draw with Yemaya in mind. Also it just felt right.

DECK: Herbal Tarot

wpid-20150616_223816.jpgIn the future though, I believe I would modify it slightly, by moving the spread around so the energy I need to move in goes in the middle… or maybe eliminate a middle altogether, I don’t know yet.

1. Where you stand: FIVE OF PENTACLES (Mugwort): Misfortune, a setback that releases for new possibility. Also a reminder to accept comfort and kindness that I am ignoring.

2. Something to leave behind: XIII DEATH (Elder Flowers): Clearing the past, leave behind old ways of being and things that no longer serve me. It’s time to accept what is ended and start a new beginning.

3. Something to receive: 0 THE FOOL: (Ginseng): Freedom to roam and enjoy. Leap forward, take risks, release yourself, don’t worry so much about the plan you had in mind. Move in freedom and abandon.

4. Something learned in past cycle: NINE OF CUPS (Squawvine) (REVERSE): Remember to be secure in what you have accomplished because it’s TRUE.

5. Something to give: SIX OF CUPS (Watermelon): Be kind, be generous, be loving, be forgiving, be accepting of others. Also remember to receive from others and not focus to closely on self for too long.

6. Your hopes and dreams: KNIGHT OF SWORDS (Wild Cherry Bark) (REVERSE): Do not be unyielding with the future, things rarely go exactly how you want them and never in as straight of a line as you would prefer. Now is the time to be easy, and flow to your future not march towards it.

7. Your needed energy to move forward in to bring about necessary shift: PAGE OF PENTACLES (Blue Flag): Remember to enjoy yourself, indulge yourself, live freely. Let what you produce in the world have this effect on others as well. In this way you’ll find the next step in your journey.

wpid-wp-1434516364635.jpgBONUS: Jumper Card: SEVEN OF WANDS (Wild Ginger) (REVERSED): By the way, are any of the wars, big or little, really worth it in your life. Take a moment step back. You have powerful energy but it is wasted on such things. Instead immerse yourself in light and peaceful undertakings, especially with self. Constant warring, treading water, inner battle will do nothing but exhaust and lives you standing still.