post debate magic because we need all the help. all of it. #politicalwitchesunite

Did you catch the debate tonight? Yeah. I know. Here’s some quick help with that all around gross feeling.

first, breaking baths & rituals. some of your herbal allies are sage, hyssop, cleaver, mugwort, & rosemary. smoke, wash, sprinkle, do whatever you need to clear yourself before you sleep. you absolutely do not need to take it with you.

afterward bring the sweetness back in. sip, breathe in or apply something sweet and calming like lavender, jasmine, calendula, or rose before bed tonight.

and listen to any instinct that tells you to ring sea salt around your bed.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Cup Spells!

Lemons are often used for their cutting and clear qualities. In woo and outside of woo, they are mama nature’s answer to clean and fresh. Part of the fun of making lemonade is the wonderful scent that permeates the room as you work, seeming to lift the energy of your space the longer you squeeze. I like to breathe deeply in these moments, allowing myself to clear as well. It becomes easy to understand why they are ancient moon magic used to cleanse, protect, and invigorate.


As I worked through the lemons, my eyes were continuously drawn to the drained lemon halves. Even after I finished, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. There was more work to be done.

So! Do as Muva Yonce said and go make lemonade, then follow along as called to with these simple kitchen spells.

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a moment to inhale

I’m trying to move out of a funk, so I’m doing a quick simmer pot spell to clear out murky energy from my space. I added lemon, sage, rosemary, seasalt, lavender, star anise, and cinnamon.

As usual, let it simmer as long as you need to, adding water as necessary. Switch out herbs as you feel called to, add crystals and other woo as you need to.

As you add to your pot, speak your intentions.

Let it permeate your space and meditate on your intentions.

AsaliTea: Yeye’s Song [available]

Yeye’s Song

A blend full of the sweet abundance She blesses us with. Created to move you to work sweetness into your day, in every smile, in every task.

Sweet, with a touch of cinnamon spice reflecting the ways in which Oshun’s sweetness radiates her warmth.


AsaliTea: Sweet Moon Tea Blend [available]

Sweet Moon

Lovingly crafted for folx who cycle with the moon. Embrace release and move out what no longer serves you. Bring in new sweetness and divine joy to carry you into the next cycle. Drink as a tea or drop infuse a scoop for your bath.


sunday afternoon, netflix & (actual) chill


Some Sunday afternoon flower power tea with an ashwagandha kick. Dopest unakite tea infuser by doviesdivine. Unakite is a wonderful stone for achieving heart space balance.

On A Mission To Rebuke a Headache

I’d been suffering a headache all day, a combination of physical and spiritual reasons. It was just this side of a migraine, sensitive to movement, light, and sound… it even twinged my teeth. Unwisely, I just sort of ignored it and chose to lie down in bed and moan miserably. Pro tip: don’t do this, find a solution.

Finally, it occurred to me that I have an entire wall of herbs and I am healer so why not help myself out.

If it was the strength of the intention, or the herbs, or both, I couldn’t decide, but after a few sips my pain eased. The magic was a combination of relaxing nervines and anodynes.

I used: cloves, lavender, licorice root, motherwort, blue vervain, and peppermint (also added a touch of hibiscus for my sweet tooth).

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