Libra tarotscopes are out!

Libra ‘scopes are posted at Siobhan’s Mirror and I was over the moon to complete Libra’s return for our birthday.

You are (trans)formed at the union of your light and shadow; to get to know both well and to keep both clear is the key to finding the balance that will free you to revel in your promised expansion.


Check out your sun, moon, and rising sign!

All the ‘scopes are worth a look. Get your astrological house in order!


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Libra’s Tarotscope Story Unfolding

Dear Libra, are you paying attention to your story unfolding this year?
As I’ve been writing Libra’s tarotscope for each season so far this year, it’s been wonderful to watch the tarot story unfold for us. Continue reading

a libra seeking balance


This may be why I avoid this deck sometimes. It has no chill.

My energy right now is Six of Cups in shadow. It’s directly correlating to a block I had about a relationship being opened to me.

What crosses me in this is my own mind. Over thinking things instead of looking to the abundance it offers me.

How does a libra proceed to be uplifted. Find balance. Duh. Of mind and heart,  as with The Chariot. As major arcana it indicates this energy being what I should move in this moon cycle.


God, this fucking deck.
(I do love it so)

Signal Boost: Libra Horoscope from Chani Nicholas

from Chani Nicholas:

But. Mercury tho.

It’s going to station retrograde in your sign on September 17th. This means that The Messenger will be all up in your business and in your sign for weeks. Like six. A couple of weeks longer than usual.

Mercury is tricky. Mercury retrograde works in backwards, inside-out, upside-down ways. Mercury retrograde likes to make a mess so that we have to go back and fix it. You are therefore entering a time when you don’t have all the information. You are going to have to act a sleuth and have fun compiling the facts and gathering the evidence. Know that you don’t know the whole story yet and act as if that is a good thing. Get curious.

Mercury retrograde in Libra is, yes, about reviewing aspects of how we relate, how we measure up and how we find our way to harmony through the temporary turbulence.

This week’s astrology and this weekend’s eclipse make it important to keep in mind a couple of things: What we try to reject about ourselves, the feelings, the facts, the past mistakes and the parts of ourselves that are socially unacceptable, get put somewhere. Astrologically speaking we might say that the rejected, dejected and disheartened parts of our personality get thrown in the 12th house. This is where the eclipse will take place for you. This is the part of your chart that Mercury rules. This house holds some important aspect of your upcoming Mercury retrograde journey.

Our potency isn’t pretty. Hipsterdom, #WhiteFeminism and all kinds of corporate conspiracies tote watered down, sweet, sellable, sexable, non-confrontational, “it’s all good” propaganda. But that’s not what are souls are made of. That’s not how truth speaks. That’s not what power, change or liberation looks like up close. This is personal.

If radical is grasping something at the root, then radical change isn’t afraid to get down and dirty without debasing or devaluing any life form. If you are ready to get radical than you are ready to access your inner wild-one. You are ready to reveal your terrible beauty and your too-free-to-be-shackled shero/hero and give it the job of helping you out. 

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SIGNAL BOOST: New Moon In Leo Horoscope

I read this after I wrote my post on New Moon and returning to self and laughed quietly with the universe.

All of this relating, balancing, harmonizing and initiating partnerships makes life dependent on others to a large extent. Quite often Libras get whipped up in a frenzy over what appear to be insignificant decisions for fear of tipping the scales and having everything out of whack.

These fears may seem unfounded, ridiculous and even outrageous to anyone who isn’t in your shoes. But they don’t know. Having the weight of everyone else’s happiness on your shoulders is no small task.

Friday’s new moon emphasizes your tendencies to get out of whack due to the needs of others but it also presents you with solutions to the problem. Getting to the heart of what you fear and why is the most powerful thing that you could start this month. What is the worst thing that could happen if you upset some one or some group by saying yes, no or stating your truth? Does their opinion of you mean more than your own? Do you downplay your needs in order to be accepted by the group?

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