Mercury Rx Guidance Spread ☿

So you wanna survive Mercury in retrograde?

Okay, start laughing.

Seriously, you’re gonna have to start laughing- at yourself, at the world, at the general ridiculousness of how messy everything is. The secret to Mercury Rx is laughter- the ability to bend with the wind rather than break from how unpredictable things seem to be getting (seriously though, I mostly watch comedies during Rx periods).

Of course, laughter and depth are not exclusive. Mercury in retrograde asks you to go deeper- it’s like walking in moonlight day and night. You cannot rely on what you see, you can’t even be sure the path before you is true; you’ve just got to trust the knowledge you already have inside- as one would use the stars to navigate towards true north. And yes, that can be as beautiful as it sounds.

I did my best to combine these two ideas, laughter and depth, in the layout of this spread. Try this spread out with the intention of both being told what you already knew and hold space to be surprised as well. Remember to laugh, even when you feel a twinge when those cards show up- it helps release the tension that could too easily build up. The card positions are phrased both as names for card positions and general guidelines for thriving (yes, thriving) through Mercury in retrograde.


Alright, let’s lay it out:

  1. Message from Mercury the Magician. This is the foundation of this spread- and an intentionally shaky one at that because after all, it’s Mercury Rx. Decide for yourself whether you’ll be pulling this one face up or drawn from the deck as usual.
  2. Connect with this inner truth. Mercury Rx is all about going inward and paying attention to how your intuition manifests externally. You’re assuming that everything in the external world is liable to shift at any time but what won’t shift lies within you. Your truth is the one immutable object in this time. Keep it in sight at all times.
  3. Divert energy from this space. Might not be the time to put 100% of your time and energy here.
  4. Invest energy into this space. This might bear taking a second look at while we work through Mercury’s retrograde.
  5. And here comes the twist! Whether or not you see it coming, you will experience a surprise or two. This, and the next two cards, prepare you for the unexpected, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable.
  6. Deviate from the beaten path. It’s easier to manage chaos if you’re not so comfortable with things as they are. This isn’t all doom and gloom, by the way. This is also the space to have fun. Do something spontaneous and just because!
  7. You’ll need a backup plan. Basic Mercury Rx strategy. In practical terms- are you backing up your files, planning on extra time to get to appointments, feasibly up on all your updates (up to and including car, home, and self-maintenance)?
  8. Just one more thing. There’s always more to learn. This can come up as a warning, blessing, or affirmation.
  9. Your rebirth as The Magician. And here is the real lesson of Mercury in Retrograde. All this season is here for is to move you toward intimate knowledge of the resources around you, and how to harness them as you conjure your magic in this world.

And look out for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto working their own retrograde magic as well.

Alright off you go. Let’s rock this retrograde season.

Or at least survive it best we can. I won’t lie to you. These first few days have been tough. Venus has been doing me in as my beloved ruling planet. And even with all this, we still have our magic, our truth, and each other.

I trust that absolutely.

#taroteveryday, even through Mercury Rx


Seven of Cups surrounded by Three of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles, from the Ostara Tarot

Mercury in Retrograde is no time for falsehoods and cutting corners.

Be wary of illusions and shortcuts- and people with a tendency to take them. Let things take time, be diligent and sweat the details on everything you do. Take pride in putting in that work! The payoff will be even more satisfying.

Mercury in Rx New Moon in Virgo w/ the Night Vale Tarot

The Welcome to Night Vale Tarot is definitely the deck to enter Mercury Rx in eclipse season with. It’s weird, it’s funky, and nothing makes sense yet it is exactly what you need to see and listen well to.


We open up with a ‘hey, what’s up hello?’ from the trickster king of Mercury Rx himself, Eshu. In the tradition of Ifa, the orisha Eshu or Ellegua sits at the crossroads, his colors are red and black, and it just so happens that his number is three. One of Eshu’s favorite things to do is play jokes that make you laugh (usually at yourself) and tell you the truth. It rarely ever feels awesome in the moment but when you look back, he is the one behind that slow self-deprecating smile that admits there was a point to it all. Mercury Rx in a nutshell.

This not-quite-mad maestro specializes in being able to hear the harmony in the cacophony. In this iteration in the Three of Wands, a fire burns behind his head (that he probably started) but he’s not looking at it. He’s looking at you. So what’s your plan? How are you gonna adapt? Continue reading

New Moon Spread in Capricorn, for Manifestation

A new moon in Capricorn, while Mercury is in retrograde. It’s a whammy.


However no reason it should be shaded in anything but powerful positivity- a time to move forward and cast your line.

In that spirit, I worked with a spread I created for manifestation. Continue reading

Queer for Mercury in Retrograde

Ding dong, it’s back!

Though it’s not as terrifying as it’s made out to be. So yes, sometimes things go out of wack, your keys gets lost, structured communication is a thing of the past- and you feel like investing in a radio, some food and water rations, and camping out in the wild is the best call… but what MercRx here is trying to say is simply that it’s really not that deep!

Plans, rules, routines, habits, structures, norms, institutions, bah! Mercury in Retrograde is the universe’s way of reminding us that all that rigidity requires a shaking up every now and then (if not at all times).

It’s the queerest event in the stars-

isn’t that queer politic at its core… looking normativity in the eye and saying “fuck that” while doing whatever the hell you feel, and i mean feel…

-and you’ve got front row seats!

Try and enjoy the show.


Signal Boost: Libra Horoscope from Chani Nicholas

from Chani Nicholas:

But. Mercury tho.

It’s going to station retrograde in your sign on September 17th. This means that The Messenger will be all up in your business and in your sign for weeks. Like six. A couple of weeks longer than usual.

Mercury is tricky. Mercury retrograde works in backwards, inside-out, upside-down ways. Mercury retrograde likes to make a mess so that we have to go back and fix it. You are therefore entering a time when you don’t have all the information. You are going to have to act a sleuth and have fun compiling the facts and gathering the evidence. Know that you don’t know the whole story yet and act as if that is a good thing. Get curious.

Mercury retrograde in Libra is, yes, about reviewing aspects of how we relate, how we measure up and how we find our way to harmony through the temporary turbulence.

This week’s astrology and this weekend’s eclipse make it important to keep in mind a couple of things: What we try to reject about ourselves, the feelings, the facts, the past mistakes and the parts of ourselves that are socially unacceptable, get put somewhere. Astrologically speaking we might say that the rejected, dejected and disheartened parts of our personality get thrown in the 12th house. This is where the eclipse will take place for you. This is the part of your chart that Mercury rules. This house holds some important aspect of your upcoming Mercury retrograde journey.

Our potency isn’t pretty. Hipsterdom, #WhiteFeminism and all kinds of corporate conspiracies tote watered down, sweet, sellable, sexable, non-confrontational, “it’s all good” propaganda. But that’s not what are souls are made of. That’s not how truth speaks. That’s not what power, change or liberation looks like up close. This is personal.

If radical is grasping something at the root, then radical change isn’t afraid to get down and dirty without debasing or devaluing any life form. If you are ready to get radical than you are ready to access your inner wild-one. You are ready to reveal your terrible beauty and your too-free-to-be-shackled shero/hero and give it the job of helping you out. 

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