first quarter in virgo, a waxing moon guidance

Summer has given me space to sit with myself in a deeper way than I’d ever been able to before the summer. I’ve been able to tuck in and work more diligently through my Lunar Apothecary course and revitalize a practice of sitting intentionally with the moon as she moves through her cycle. She is in the First Quarter phase this weekend, half-lit in meticulous Virgo as she waxes into fullness.

Now is not the time to look to the destination but your steps in the journey. The First Quarter in Virgo brings with her the energy of attention to detail. Pay special attention to your work energy space at this time. This is a perfect time to pay attention to how you plan to implement your goals- all that sometimes dull minutia that nevertheless makes all the difference in the end.

The waxing moon calls up persistence, helping you move through the new and challenging by activating your own inner strength of will. I think of the 9 of Wands energy reinforced by The Chariot. Meditate on the ways The Chariot guides you through the 9 of Wands’ call to task. If you’ve been floundering, now is the perfect time to root back into your power.


Honoring the journey, The Wanderer meets Athena – Daughters of the Moon Tarot and Mythical Goddess Tarot

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Hmm. For all her fire, the full moon tonight is being gentle. I’m being asked to focus on the reward. Keep pushing and know that it will be all for good.


Daughters of the Moon Tarot: Seven of Pentacles and Three of Blades

New Moon Spread in Capricorn, for Manifestation

A new moon in Capricorn, while Mercury is in retrograde. It’s a whammy.


However no reason it should be shaded in anything but powerful positivity- a time to move forward and cast your line.

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A New Hope for the Sagittarius New Moon

My wonderful Godsister was in town this past weekend and we got a chance to sit with the new moon in Sagittarius. It was an incredible powerful night and the energy soared. We did a beautiful mirror reading for the moon using the spread below.


It worked wonderfully and the messages received were so timely.


Seven of Flames (Victory) – The Victory is mine whether or not there’s people to see me take it. Stop worrying that people do not see me. Furthermore, it’s another request for stillness. There’s a lot of movement, specifically racing, in this card, and even though it’s done in joy it doesn’t serve me right now.

Three of Blades (Focus) – Stillness in balance. There is a process. I am guided, I have help and are watched over. My magic is still alive in this stillness. Maferefun Eshu at the crossroads.

Seven of Cups (Jealousy) – I’m not forget the abundance when yearning for so much else that is not at this moment for my highest good. I must be careful, particularly as I hold it in my womb. Also I must be weary of energy being pulled from me as well and to be guarded from those who might take from me that way. This particularly I’ve received a warning about before.

One of Pentacles (Nu Kwa) – Abundance comes, welcome the new beginnings. Maferefun Obatala! Maferefun Orisha!

The Dreamer (The Fool) – I must come to the water and give all that I don’t need. Take in what I need, my highest good, drink in ancestral knowledge. Another affirmation of the dreamwork I’m doing.

Maat (Justice) – Completely unsubtle message of find BALANCE. Be still, baby.

The Teacher – Pulled from the Black Angel Cards, as that is what my Godsister was reading from (she pulled from one of my Daughter of the Moon cards for this card position). Ancestral wisdom. Be still and watch myself go. I am also on my way to growing as a teacher, an example, a mover, a learner, a healer already. Rethinking how movement is possible while still remaining rooted.

This was a beautiful reading, I give thanks.

New Moon In Virgo & Solar Eclipse Transition Cross

A new moon AND a solar eclipse in the same weekend?

Yeah this calls for a major spread.

I don’t often whip the celtic cross spread out but seeing as how my life is undergoing major shift, whirlwind fast and sudden, all in the middle of a new moon cycle and a solar eclipse. I don’t see why not. Oh and by the way Mercury is about to go into retrograde in my sign in less than a week.

I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out.

Mercury retrograde in Libra is, yes, about reviewing aspects of how we relate, how we measure up and how we find our way to harmony through the temporary turbulence.

So let’s see!


The Suit of Wands dominates this spread, which figures with my recent need for refocusing and regrounding herbs and crystals for all this scattering?scattered? energy in my life. Look at all those reversals! Which aren’t necessarily bad, but it fits with the scatterbrained nature of my life at the moment.

  1. Current Situation: FOUR OF PENTACLES (reverse) – Upright, the woman in this picture is secure, in perfect balance, all her resources in alignment with purpose. In shadow this relates to my current half in half out feeling. I notice the house in the background and I remember that I was just remarking to myself how nice it will be to have my own consistent space again. Spaces of transition are a challenge for me but I understand I have to make it through, holding on to the pieces of the puzzles I do have and letting some of the ones I had go. Oya says keep whirling, stop panicking, I got you! Maferefun Oya!
  2. Cross/Challenge: KNIGHT OF SWORDS – Knight cards are often ones that call for balance of the properties of the suit. Thinking about what’s in my life right now, I’m being asked to not question everything, release the anxiousness that hits me when I don’t have the answers, and watch in order to learn.
  3. Retrospective (Distant Past): NINE OF WANDS (reverse) – I been through some thaangs. A gentle reminder that I’m way past this stage and not to carry that trauma forward. There’s no need to sit behind my fence of wands anymore.
  4. Recent Past: THE EMPRESS – Rootedness, connection with the natural world. I don’t think I’m being asked to let this particular energy go. I will need it going forward I think, or rather the lessons learned in this time of quiet I’m moving from. Also peep the Venus sign… Venus just moved out of retrograde. Ha.
  5. Best Outcome: THREE OF WANDS – New frontiers ahead! Be visionary, be creative, be open and have the widest view of the picture. I’m okay with this… I’m excited really!
  6. Immediate Future: EIGHT OF WANDS (reverse) – Let’s go, let’s go… or nah. Because look at that tree, remaining unbothered by the whirlwind activity around it. So yeah, stuff is happening, but my success is in my rootedness and ability to grow in the whirlwind. Oya and Shango out here in their element.
  7. Self-Vision: SIX OF WANDS – I’m feelin myself, I’m feelin myself, I’m feelin I’m feelin I’m feelin myself…haha yes!
  8. Resources: FOUR OF SWORDS (reverse) – Time to keep still is no longer, I need to wake up and spot those swords hanging above my head before I fall on them.
  9. Concerns: TEMPERANCE – I don’t often get this card. Anyway, my concern is balance right now. Natural in the middle of major change and transition.
  10. New Visions: THE HIGH PRIESTESS (reverse) – Finishing off with a major arcana in reverse, huh? Okay, spirits. Her moon is always in transition, her eyes are shielded- her sight comes from within not without. Venus out of retrograde. Mercury going into retrograde. New moon in Virgo. Partial solar eclipse. Winds of swift change blow. And you know what? Even in reverse, even as her whole world is going topsy turvy she doesn’t register it beyond a bit of blood rushing to her head. Her wisdom is from within her, not what the world is doing. Bless.

I’m a little in love with this reading. May I take this energy into the next moon cycle!

Full Moon In Capricorn Spread

 1. What kind of energy should I pay close attention to as I move through this moon cycle?
WHEEL OF FORTUNE (LAKSHMI) – the wheel spins and where will it stop? It’s an opening of paths, but it’s also a warning that life may be a bit unpredictable right now. Perspective is a requirement for this experience.

2/3. What informs these energies?
left – FOUR OF EARTH (BOUNDARIES) [reversed] – this effin’ deck. The astrological indication for this card according to the deck’s LWB is ‘Sun in Capricorn’. Now it shows up reversed. Haha, deck. Haha. A reminder to be aware of when I’m closing my space to truly protect myself vs. when I close my space and retreat into loneliness.

right – TWO OF EARTH (CYCLES) – regeneration, renewal, getting into that moon energy. Also remembering to not spend so much time on either plane, as above so below. Elevation and grounding in equal measure.

Not as an exhausting of a spread to explore as the last ones have been. I appreciate it letting up a bit.