Ostara Blessings!

I’m an educator delaying the onset of a Monday after Spring Break so here’s a late night one-card reading for Ostara.

Six of Fire from the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Forgiveness – Six of Fire from the Mythical Goddess Tarot

What lovely guidance to welcome Ostara!

The vernal equinox is a beautiful time to start new nourishing habits and make sweet promises to self. Here’s one I’m making for myself.

I forgive my shortcomings and failures and mistakes and go into this new season with clear fire. My final act of release for people and situations that harmed me is to forgive them and move forward.

Growth is uncomfortable and messy and that has to be okay too. There’s a lot to forgive in that process, for yourself and others. You don’t have to forget, but you gotta lose the weight of all that.

Happy Ostara, dear ones!

Libra tarotscopes are out!

Libra ‘scopes are posted at Siobhan’s Mirror and I was over the moon to complete Libra’s return for our birthday.

You are (trans)formed at the union of your light and shadow; to get to know both well and to keep both clear is the key to finding the balance that will free you to revel in your promised expansion.


Check out your sun, moon, and rising sign!

All the ‘scopes are worth a look. Get your astrological house in order!


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New Moon in Cancer Blazing

I was in need of some deep guidance but still feeling a bit tender from the past few days of a low swing. I turned to my very trusted and dear Mythical Goddess Tarot. She’s my very first deck, and even when she’s delivering hard messages I can sit with where she’s coming from.


New Moon in Cancer reading; the Hanged Man Spread with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

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1. What calls attention to my [specific chakra/energy center/focal point/circumstance] at this time? MOTHER OF SEAS [reversed] – With this part of myself on low power, it is hard for me to see where I’m going or even trying to go. Moreover, I’m unable to see myself as worthy, capable, confident for what I need to do. My perception is being skewed by what everyone else is thinking of me. Over-reliance on what others see, good and bad, means that I cannot move for myself, acknowledge for myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I understand that my solar plexus chakra is my life’s work in as much as it is the heart of my healing practice. I give to others, what do I leave for my own healing?

          2. What do I need to breathe out to unblock the flow of positive energy? LILITH (Power – The Emperor). My birth card always comes through when things are crucial. I’m a bit pained that it showed up in the part of the spread I need to release, but then again there’s always been a side to this card that clearly defined my shadow aspects. Where the rigidity, pride, and stubbornness of The Emperor left me moving from the place of my lowest vibration. She shows up in this spread on her side, not a place of power but more of surrender. I’ve just let things happen to me for too long, but I also need to very carefully evaluate what exactly it is that I need to stop happening to allow for what I want to happen… scratch that, what I need to do to make it happen, this is about strength of will after all.
          3. What do I need to breathe in to encourage the flow of positive energy? MAIDEN OF WIND (CLARITY) [reversed] – This spread is so much about seeing and knowing in a different way. Inverted, the art of Maiden of Wind is all about the fierce golden eagle ancestor guide. What might it mean to see through the eagle and not my just rely on my own aim? Recently, with startling frequency, I’m being asked to look outside of my narrow view and see with the eyes of those wiser, older, ancestor. Not an easy thing with my control issues, but that’s part of the release my birth card came to warn me about.

                        4. What additional guidance is there to invite balance and stability of flow? SEVEN OF FIRE (Courage) – It’s interesting that the image normally found in STRENGTH is showing up instead in this suit. Except here, the lion and the maiden aren’t on the same side. A different kind of strength is called for, it’s courage. I can’t help but feel like the lion and the maiden are the same being, just trying to find their way to evolving up to the Strength card. Confronting inner demons, as it were, inner shadows, facing up and forward. The hardest work but equally the most rewarding.

Haven’t I been here before?


I pulled the 10 of Disks from the Motherpeace Tarot with a question marking my current space in spiritual health. As much as I was the mother giving birth, I am the child being birthed.

We cycle back and forth through our healing, often healing the same spaces over and over. Perhaps it is that we have to peel the hurt and harm back, layer after layer, and it takes a while before we can come back. Sometimes it’s even that we grew back our layers of hurt and harm and yeah, we do the work over.

Not that it’s hopeless. Anyone paying attention to nature shows that it isn’t so. We shed to renew. This and that layer, and our current skin sustains as until it doesn’t, until it no longer serves us and then back to peeling we go. I won’t pretend that at times it isn’t an ugly, disgusting, sometimes even painful process- and the fresh layer is often raw, exposed, but it is our sacred growth cycle.

And when we settle into our skin we are radiant, renewed, and beautiful.

flip the script

Get caught in a rut while reading your cards?

Here’s something to try: flip your tarot reading and see what’s on the other side.

Does the story change or continue when you do so? How does it read for you?

TIP: Try this when the Death card shows up, or similarly powerful calls for change and transformation like The Tower and 10 of Swords.

It occurred to me as I was reading for a querent, and maybe it’s my circular reading surface, but I was called strongly to turn it and the tarot journey continued. Especially with the energy of the Death card present, seeing the other side felt important. It tells a different but still relevant story, and in this case, it’s telling a continuation of the story.

It’s not always a called for action, but in this case the call to turn my surface was too strong to ignore. I’m glad I did!

A different way to work reversals don’t you think?

New Moon Spread in Capricorn, for Manifestation

A new moon in Capricorn, while Mercury is in retrograde. It’s a whammy.


However no reason it should be shaded in anything but powerful positivity- a time to move forward and cast your line.

In that spirit, I worked with a spread I created for manifestation. Continue reading

Love, Oshun


Love messages from Oshun.

I asked for what I needed to receive concerning love and how I give it and receive it (particularly romantic love, but all kinds of love relationships)

1, PURIFIER is the message/where I am

2, 4 of FIRE is what blocks me

3, 9 of EARTH is what unblocks me and lifts me up.


(check out my newest citrine baby doing that work)

Maferefun Oshun!