Ceridwen’s Spread

I ran into the Ceridwen’s Cauldron spread from my Druid Oracles tarot app. I fell in love with its construction, based on the goddess’ Ceridwen’s brew, a mixture she prepared to imbue her son with inspiration. The Daughters of the Moon tarot book calls her Keeper of the Cauldron, calling us to be “wise in the use of [our] energy and [our] fire” mastered as she is in the energies of transformation.

(c) The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Ceridwen by Christopher Williams (1910)

I love the weight of intention behind the spread, as the Druid Plant Oracle guidebook shares: “we can imagine her gathering the berries, roots, and leaves for this brew in accordance with the old moon and star lore, linking the movements of vast bodies in the heavens with the flow of sap in the roots of some of the smallest of plants on Earth.”

The spread itself is based on the ingredients in the brew- sea foam, rowan berries, lesser celandine, vervain, and wort- gathered in the shape of a cauldron. I tried it out here for some guidance in my healing work.


Cerridwen’s Spread with Daughters of The Moon Tarot

1. PLACE OF SEA FOAM – TWO OF BLADES offers insight to the surrounding energy
2. PLACE OF VERVAIN – SIX OF CUPS (COMPASSION) – challenge or blockage
3. PLACE OF ROWAN BERRIES – MAATprotection available to invoke
4. PLACE OF LESSER CELANDINE – NINE OF FLAMESinherent joy or pleasure to be found
5. PLACE OF WORT – STRENGTH‘potential for transformation’ or evolution


3 Card Check-In for Re-orientation

It’s been a while!

It’s been a mixture of recharge, depletion, and the slow but sure crawl back to centering myself in my work.

A quick three card spread. Asked rather broadly, checking in to where I need to be. It’s also not necessarily in past, present, future or anything like that. I allowed the story to form as it wanted to.


  1. 9 of Stones (Wands) – This immediately read like multi-directional growth, a birth of new ideas and opportunities in multiple avenues. A very non-traditional reading of this particular card. Of course, mixed with the Tower below it realigns with its traditional meaning, indicating a challenge/change to push through to emerge on the other side.
  2. 6 of Bones (Pentacles) – An extra finger for this macabre hand, in keeping with the 9 of Stones I read this as an abundance of resources opening up to me if I should only reach out and touch.
  3. The Tower – Here’s a warning, not so dire though. Abundance of options means abundance of choice. I shouldn’t marry myself to one of these opportunities or resources but should remain flexible in case of sudden change. Should that change come I should also not forget to look to the abundance in favor of worrying the loss.
    [Sidenote: for such stunningly rendered art, the drawing lightning in this card is just sad or maybe it means something I haven’t grasped *shrug*]

Bonus picture of my new bb familiar observing my work.


Principles of Call & Response, using the cardinal conditions spread

wpid-20150805_174314-1.jpgI pulled this spread when going into a potentially difficult conversation with someone. I knew I had a history of approaching this relationship from a place of lack and pain and wanting, and I also realized that I would have to maintain my perspective, self-belief, and boundaries in order to be even remotely present as we spoke.

The conversation went relatively well and as expected, and a lot of that was because I’d been meditating on my expectations and boundaries and the way they showed up in this spread- as if Spirit was showing me how the universe works on a method of Call and Response.

1. The Whole – Who are you in this situation?
SACRED LAW/CROW WOMAN (STRENGTH) – “Crow teaches you to honor your boundaries”. A lot of what I needed to hold myself in this conversation was this exactly, to define my boundaries for both me and my conversant and to understand from where I came in alignment with my “highest understanding of sacred truth”. It was also about doing what was right, and having this conversation was a matter of protocol and realigning. It even shows up in Libra, my birth sign.

2. The Mental – What are your mental conditions/concerns?
9 of FIRE (WANDS) – “Aspects of your essence that have long laid dormant are now surfacing for full expression. Dominant personality traits are falling away as your being integrates with the Source of who you are. You are now on the path of communion and wholeness, so that you may live in integrity and cohesive power in all that you do.” Basically.

3. The Emotional – What are your emotional conditions/concerns?
POWER/LILITH (EMPEROR) – I love it when my birth card shows up. It reads like trusting my own core power and trusting that I have a right to whatever I feel in this situation.

4. The Material – What are your material/practical conditions/concerns?
9 of EARTH (PENTACLES) – This was directly in line with my concerns- namely what my access to a particular community will be as a result of this conversation.

5. The Spirit – What are your spiritual conditions/concerns?
THE SUN/AMATERASU – That everything be clear, and the truth be absolute.

I looked at the picture of this spread right before and leading up to my conversation and it kept me on task. It went as expected and I held my boundaries and peace firmly. Call and response.

Deck Interview: Grounded In Conversation w/ The Herbal Tarot

Received the idea from the littleredtarot blog, I don’t know how it didn’t occur to me to be the first thing I do with a tarot deck. Ask the deck what I’m to learn from it! The questions are the same but the layout modified to my own preferences as per my intuition.

1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
PAGE OF SWORDS (Dill) – this deck comes to me at a time where I’m facing challenge and upheaval and must be at the ready with answers. However, this deck will provide answers where it is meant to and guidance should I choose to be attentive and do the necessary work in the spirit of honesty, perseverance, and truth. There is much to be learned should I accept the challenges for what they are, potential lessons. This is an exciting prospect, if a bit anxiety inducing, but it’s in line with where I am and affirms my rather impulse buy of this deck, and why it’s been so well tuned so far. I also love that it feels like it wants to grow with me. I bet a year from now, I ask it these same questions and its lessons will have evolved- or rather I will have- to match my situation.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
ACE OF SWORDS (Chamomile) – Notably, chamomile is one of my ‘peace, be still’ herbs. As such it’s always chamomile tea if I need to quiet myself or cool my tendency to fire. In any case, on to the card reading- this is obviously a continuation of the first question. There is truth and knowledge to be found through this deck, but it will require my being attentive and willing to do the work as I move through a rather trying transition period. Support is offered should I seek it and use it.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Peony) (REVERSE) – I’ll admit this one is hard to accept. The work I’ll have to do is internal work, work that ironically requires more stillness than action. Not all my answers will be here, but in meditation with myself in order to get through these challenges. I have the tools with me, I just need to have enough of a care to look. It is a message I’ve received before, be still and move with the necessary flow.

4. What are you here to teach me?
FIVE OF PENTACLES (Mugwort) (REVERSE) – Again with the lessons on getting through setbacks and struggles. I get it! I get it! It’s here for me. I must look to the abundance in the gifts from the earth. That and it is temporary, these lows are temporary.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
THE EMPRESS (Dong Quai) (REVERSE) – Yes, that thing about abundance and the earth’s gifts? No, really. This is the herbal tarot, and I was drawn to it for that reason. All my medicine comes from the earth, as I utilize the deck, I must also remember and use by my medicine.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
NINE OF WANDS (Bayberry Bark) – Movement with discernment as well as a strength gained through surviving strife. A knowledge of my own potential awaits me as I learn with this deck.

Whew! Well this journey is going to be even more interesting than I thought.