New Moon in Taurus Reflections

Blessed New Moon in Taurus everyone!

Which for many folks feels especially wonderful, I’m sure, because Venus is finally direct and letting our feels breathe.

This new moon is a bit harder for me. It’s the first one where I’ve felt nearly altogether depleted- usually new moons give me an extra boost of energy. Not that its magic isn’t as potent, just my life is facing a bit more challenge than usual and my self-care isn’t as on point as I’d like it to be.

I’m adjusting to a family health challenge and to the subsequent role of caregiver. I traveled, so the sanctuary of home is unavailable. Most of my day is spent inside a hospital, which I’ve always been energy-sensitive to and the usual care habits aren’t as accessible in my new day to day.

I’m trying to form a plan for the long-term while I’m in the adjustment period. I’ve got the larger plans in the works but also taking advantages of the little pockets of air that allow for a bit of grounding and comfort- like a tea, blended with hawthorn and holy basil and flower petals to soothe and bolster my heart, that I mixed on impulse five minutes before the five hour drive to the hospital.

A taste of sanctuary.

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The usual lunar readings have been harder for me. It’s not as easy to take in broader themed messages appropriate for this moon like love, home, abundance, security, and manifestation when I’m dealing with what feels like such an insurmountable set of circumstances.

Not that it looks like avoiding those themes is possible- case in point my new moon reading. The FOUR OF WANDS, STAR, and MAGICIAN are all about love, home, abundance, security, and manifestation.

So how to bring that energy down here where I am at?

20170426_214740New Moon in Taurus reflection reading from the Ostara Tarot

I don’t have a clear answer yet, or rather it’s slowly forming and I can’t quite articulate it yet. It’s my New Moon soul homework for tonight as I spend the night hospital bedside once again.

With all this of course, a few things have been placed on a necessary hold. While I’m away from home, my meditative tarot teas, baths, and talismans will be unavailable as I’m not near my herbs at the moment.

What I am wide open and available for is tarot readings! I’m never far from a deck of cards. I’ve got some time on my hands and I’d like to continue being of service. So go ahead and book a reading for yourself and let’s explore Taurus’ lessons of love, home, abundance, security, and manifestation together. As always, sliding scale is available.


#taroteveryday: invest in your heart space 

​Invest in your heart today. 

Take the time for actions that nourish and sweeten your heart. Eat well, drink some hawthorn tea, connect with a loved one, hold some rose quartz, rub a drop of honey on your heart, receive a great big hug. 

Take time for your heart.

#taroteveryday, even through Mercury Rx


Seven of Cups surrounded by Three of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles, from the Ostara Tarot

Mercury in Retrograde is no time for falsehoods and cutting corners.

Be wary of illusions and shortcuts- and people with a tendency to take them. Let things take time, be diligent and sweat the details on everything you do. Take pride in putting in that work! The payoff will be even more satisfying.

#taroteveryday: taking a chance on hope

A reminder from my god sister, “you deserve good things.”

Take a chance on hope. 

Yeah you could go with self-defense or self-interest (and those are valid and necessary forms of self_care) but you could also reach for your heart’s wish, reach for yourself, and know in your heart that hope too is a form of compassion for your spirit.

#taroteveryday: lay down your sword and take up your shield 

We all need reminders to talk ourselves away from the cliff. I was working through some deep anxiety today and I had to give myself a break from going full force at whatever was coming at me- I had to give the Knight of Swords in myself the permission to back off and take stock before moving forward.

Today’s reading from the Ostara Tarot

It’s okay to rest and retreat for a moment in order to come back stronger and rejuvenated. You deserve that moment to breathe, protected, and safe. Put down your sword and take up your shield.

It’s not about falling into seclusion or accepting defeat, more like storing up energy for the next big step you’ll take. Ask for help where you can (you can).

Learn and practice self-compassion. You deserve that kindness.


Hi, I’m Asali! I’m a Black queer femme earthworker passionate about tarot, tea, and healing work. Schedule a card reading with me for a deeply clarifying intuitive tarot session. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, drop me a line!