peeks out the hiatus haven window with an occasional oracle


Message of the day: Honor your soul spirit today. Indulge in sweet soul care and meet yourself with deep love.

As my hiatus’ end draws near I’m thinking about what it means to cater to my reflection and reach all the parts of me that get ignored in the daily grind and keep the care I gave myself these past few days going.

How about a sweet rooting tea blend to assist in that important work? Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and a touch of Hibiscus.


healing with anxiety, facing the shadow to turn to the light

☆ ☾ ☆
What are you bringing on your journey?
What are you setting aside?
What do you seek to change and shift?
Who do you dream of becoming?
☆ ☾ ☆
[from the Lunar Apothecary welcome notes]

I’m taking Worts & Cunning’s Lunar Apothecary course. A reminder came through to me, twice over and with an extra blessing so it felt right. I’m nervous about it, anxious and still trying to process why. I work with herbs all the time, I feel my connection to them deeply- they are a comfort not a stressor. Perhaps it is that I’m aware of what deeper knowledge requires of me- using it, sharing it. A much deeper issue, as always.

A lot of my solar  plexus healing work is happening around my work as a healer- about stepping into my power as a healer and welcoming opportunity with wide arms rather than a tentative grasp.

A step further, to see myself as powerful and to let others see me.
To affirm myself, and receive affirmation- and believe it.

Anxiety in my healing work manifests as an uncomfortable dance between the 9 of Swords and the 9 of Pentacles.


My two dancing 9s, drawn face up from the Mythical Goddess Tarot

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post-op tarot meditation, contd

The work being done in my body right now is in my sacral and root space. So I thought I’d check in with the foundation.

What is the story of my root space?


The story isn’t necessary a linear one of past, present, and future. Rather these are the energies that enter and have entered and may yet enter this space.

Queen of Cups (Upright)

My intuition comes from my root. To ignore it is to tip the cup over and be left empty. Mother ancestors surround and inhabit this space. To disrespect it to is to disrespect them. These are my strengths, though when shaded can easily become points of weakness.

XV The Devil (Upright)

My root is also where susceptibility to manipulation, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, entrapment and addiction comes from. Which makes sense; when I’m imbalanced at my very foundations, doing what is for my highest good is much harder. Self-sabotage is an all too regular reality to be managed.

Seven of Swords (Reversed)

Indecision and the tendency to withdraw from community is held here as well. In reverse it also feels like here lies the capacity to overcome all these shadows. In my root space is also the story of the times where I’ve moved forward and upwards from the darkness. To hold both the light and the shadow is a gift and a curse. At least it does grant experience and knowledge.

Full Moon In Cancer, Be LOVEly

A full moon on Christmas! How lovely, though that can sometimes be challenging. Cancer brings forth all your emotions, at a time when emotions are already running some of the highest they do all year!

So if at all possible, be LOVE. To yourself, especially.

At a time when the focus can sometimes be GIVE GIVE GIVE, remember to give love to yourself first so that your cup is not bone dry by Dec 31st when you have to get ready to turn over a new year.

May you be surrounded by loved ones- spirit and chosen family.

heart lights

Diving Into Spirit

At the bottom of the ocean you find treasure, wreckage, bones, ancestors, and so much more that is unknown. At the bottom of the ocean, you find Olokun.

Learning about Olokun from a Bajau diver… watching how he moves, what he does to prepare, he says- “I don’t dive until I’m completely relaxed…” How he first greets the water, learns the feel of it on his face, tastes it, a greeting to who I would call Yemaya, for you cannot know Olokun without first passing through, swimming through Yemaya, mother of fishes.

When he finds his peace, his absolute focus, he dives…it looks effortless, though we can only imagine what it takes. What level of peace, what level of calm, enlightenment and openness must I dive into this treasure with. Thinking about the power it takes to maintain the weight of knowledge and wisdom to keep you under water… it’s grace and power in perfect balance… a knowledge of self and peace with skill… and the faith that what you seek you will find at the bottom of the ocean…Moreover, how to be afraid of the dark- and I mean the dark, so deep into the water that light is unseen- look how the bottom of the ocean adapts- and swim through, maintain the calm, hold that breath, that determination, that magic till you find what you seek and ask of the abyss.

Maferefun Olokun!

Re-Balancing Energy: 2. At The Core of My Creation

1. Checking in w/ My Root

Continuing the work of re-balancing at my sacral space.

1. How do I process what I feel?
2. How should I process what I feel?

I’ve been known to hold a lot in this space, so this should be interesting. I’m using The Wooden Tarot as it revealed itself as one I should whip out for internal work. It’s only right that when checking in with my creative center I should use a deck as wily as this one.

wpid-20150629_063105-1.jpg1. How do I process what I feel?
TEN OF BONES reversed (PENTACLES) – well, should have seen this coming. I hold my ancestral trauma and any and all family bullshit here, apparently that hasn’t changed much. Ongoing work of clearing that out continues, I guess.

2. How should I process what I feel?
THE EMPRESS reversed – well this is interesting. I need to spend some more time with the card in the shadow position, but for now I do read it as a reminder to be faithful to my creative outlets, particularly my earth based work. Again, my connection to other people is rearing its head, suggesting I feel muffled or am muffling myself. Or perhaps a call to do some self-mothering for myself, remember to nourish this space.

Yikes, this was rough. Have a cat trying to receive a reading.


Oshun’s Reminder

Our work is sweetness rarely felt, rarely held in the world, a sweet fire rarely burned, sweet water rarely tasted, sweet words rarely spoken, sweet caresses rarely given. Be sweet, sweet, sweetness love. So says She.

I am an earthworker. I am a daughter of Oshun. I am a daughter of the Earth. I am a learner. I am a healer. I am a warrior. I am a lover. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a writer. So say I.

Ase! Ase! Ase O!