Ceridwen’s Spread

I ran into the Ceridwen’s Cauldron spread from my Druid Oracles tarot app. I fell in love with its construction, based on the goddess’ Ceridwen’s brew, a mixture she prepared to imbue her son with inspiration. The Daughters of the Moon tarot book calls her Keeper of the Cauldron, calling us to be “wise in the use of [our] energy and [our] fire” mastered as she is in the energies of transformation.

(c) The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Ceridwen by Christopher Williams (1910)

I love the weight of intention behind the spread, as the Druid Plant Oracle guidebook shares: “we can imagine her gathering the berries, roots, and leaves for this brew in accordance with the old moon and star lore, linking the movements of vast bodies in the heavens with the flow of sap in the roots of some of the smallest of plants on Earth.”

The spread itself is based on the ingredients in the brew- sea foam, rowan berries, lesser celandine, vervain, and wort- gathered in the shape of a cauldron. I tried it out here for some guidance in my healing work.


Cerridwen’s Spread with Daughters of The Moon Tarot

1. PLACE OF SEA FOAM – TWO OF BLADES offers insight to the surrounding energy
2. PLACE OF VERVAIN – SIX OF CUPS (COMPASSION) – challenge or blockage
3. PLACE OF ROWAN BERRIES – MAATprotection available to invoke
4. PLACE OF LESSER CELANDINE – NINE OF FLAMESinherent joy or pleasure to be found
5. PLACE OF WORT – STRENGTH‘potential for transformation’ or evolution


a libra seeking balance


This may be why I avoid this deck sometimes. It has no chill.

My energy right now is Six of Cups in shadow. It’s directly correlating to a block I had about a relationship being opened to me.

What crosses me in this is my own mind. Over thinking things instead of looking to the abundance it offers me.

How does a libra proceed to be uplifted. Find balance. Duh. Of mind and heart,  as with The Chariot. As major arcana it indicates this energy being what I should move in this moon cycle.


God, this fucking deck.
(I do love it so)

Deck Interview: Experiencing Wonderland w/ The Wooden Tarot

I just received The Wooden Tarot and it is quite lovely with just a hint of intimidation. Decided to make the first reading an interview with the deck.

This should be interesting.

wpid-20150628_000734-1-1.jpgFirst impressions: not a single Major Arcana card, which feels significant for some reason. Lots of cards in shadow, and the STONES (Wands) suit seems to weigh heavily on this spread, which indicates concerns of an energetic, passionate and creative nature.

1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
SIX OF BLOOMS (CUPS) – alright then! I’m intuiting that this is a deck of memory- in that past experiences and a connection with my inner self will be important moving forward. It’s also reassuring, that despite its surreal nature, it is full of good intention should I choose to recognize it as such.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
QUEEN OF PLUMES (SWORDS) [reverse] – okay, art like the one on this card is why I treated myself to this deck. It’s reverse position tells me that this is a deck of heart space, not particularly grounded in solid reality. Which makes sense with the overall imagery and energy of this deck. The crescent moons are at the top of this card indicating a creativity and opening up of space. I’m looking forward to see how this manifests itself as a strength.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
THREE OF STONES (WANDS) – not a deck of foresight. Got it. This will not be a deck that I ask about future scenarios, it’s wispy wily nature would probably doom me if I did, or at least miss important signals. I sense it’ll be good for unlocking current energies and evaluating where I’m at in a particular moment. Good for internal work.

4. What are you here to teach me?
EIGHT OF STONES (WANDS) [reverse] – here to teach me how to move with the energy of this suit, which its reverse position indicates I tend to resist. It encourages flexibility and quick creative action where I may be feeling like slowing down or getting to grounded.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
TEN OF STONES (WANDS) [reverse] – must resist the urge to ask too much of it; I feel like its a warning to accept the messages for what they are and not seek endless clarification once a spread is given. Weighing myself down as I move with this deck won’t work. (Seems all my decks continue to ask me to learn how to let shit go!)

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
THREE OF BLOOMS (CUPS) – the first card I could read straight from the art without checking my knowledge of the cards. Creative fruition, an ability to move with necessary flexibility, a growth of self (perhaps learning release, finally).

What an interesting conversation. Whirlwind of an experience this will be. I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole.

for the Summer Solstice’s New Moon: Letting Go, Letting Flow


modified from source: littleredtarot.com

I selected this particular spread because a seven card spread seemed apt for a moon draw with Yemaya in mind. Also it just felt right.

DECK: Herbal Tarot

wpid-20150616_223816.jpgIn the future though, I believe I would modify it slightly, by moving the spread around so the energy I need to move in goes in the middle… or maybe eliminate a middle altogether, I don’t know yet.

1. Where you stand: FIVE OF PENTACLES (Mugwort): Misfortune, a setback that releases for new possibility. Also a reminder to accept comfort and kindness that I am ignoring.

2. Something to leave behind: XIII DEATH (Elder Flowers): Clearing the past, leave behind old ways of being and things that no longer serve me. It’s time to accept what is ended and start a new beginning.

3. Something to receive: 0 THE FOOL: (Ginseng): Freedom to roam and enjoy. Leap forward, take risks, release yourself, don’t worry so much about the plan you had in mind. Move in freedom and abandon.

4. Something learned in past cycle: NINE OF CUPS (Squawvine) (REVERSE): Remember to be secure in what you have accomplished because it’s TRUE.

5. Something to give: SIX OF CUPS (Watermelon): Be kind, be generous, be loving, be forgiving, be accepting of others. Also remember to receive from others and not focus to closely on self for too long.

6. Your hopes and dreams: KNIGHT OF SWORDS (Wild Cherry Bark) (REVERSE): Do not be unyielding with the future, things rarely go exactly how you want them and never in as straight of a line as you would prefer. Now is the time to be easy, and flow to your future not march towards it.

7. Your needed energy to move forward in to bring about necessary shift: PAGE OF PENTACLES (Blue Flag): Remember to enjoy yourself, indulge yourself, live freely. Let what you produce in the world have this effect on others as well. In this way you’ll find the next step in your journey.

wpid-wp-1434516364635.jpgBONUS: Jumper Card: SEVEN OF WANDS (Wild Ginger) (REVERSED): By the way, are any of the wars, big or little, really worth it in your life. Take a moment step back. You have powerful energy but it is wasted on such things. Instead immerse yourself in light and peaceful undertakings, especially with self. Constant warring, treading water, inner battle will do nothing but exhaust and lives you standing still.