#taroteveryday: The World 

In the last hours of this year, I’m sitting with this card’s energy and doing   inventory of what I’m taking, carrying, dragging into 2017. 

One of them better be my heart and another my magic, say my ancestors.

How are you reconciling with The World at the close of the year? 

Tarot of the QTPOC: Our Tarot, a forthcoming feminist deck

I’m trying to avoid getting a new deck for a while but there are brilliant creators out there making it as hard as possible for me! This gorgeous new deck is Our Tarot, a collage art deck filled with 78 history-making women from all walks of life.


The Salem Trials, to music legends, to genre shifting poets – all images ©Sarah Shipman

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Meeting the Solstice with Four of Swords Restwork

I’m finally about to have a few days of rest coming my way- and as the winter solstice meets us, it would be a shame to waste the chance to take this moment and tune in.

I’ve been hitting a block with my shadow work and too long after I just now realize that the blockage begins in my dreamspace, where the work is supposed to start. How can I actualize in the physical realm, if my spirit cannot access the knowledge in the first place?!


The Four of Swords is probably one of the most well-received cards in the Swords’ suit. While all the other cards seem to be cutting at some internal battle raging inside you, this card is unique in that it asks you to step back from the battle, take shelter and recover. In the past, this card and I have always had a positive relationship. After intense periods of personal growth and overcoming, seeing this card always felt like a reward. A sigh of relief and an allowance of guilt-free rest. I was always happy to take the time to soften the edges that had grown sharp and reflect on work well done without worrying just then about the next steps that needed to be taken.

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Tarot of the QTPOC: Searching Within The Slow Holler Tarot, a deck review and reflection

Earlier this year, I broke down after circling the project for a while and finally took a deep look at the Slow Holler Tarot project. Looking back at my first Tarot of the QTPOC post for the Slow Holler Tarot, I can still feel how tense I was about it- a trepidation borne of past disappointments with projects that claimed to live in the stars but hardly made it off the ground. To me, that post reads like someone reluctantly dipping their big toe into ice cold water in the middle of winter. The promise of a queer southern tarot deck felt too big of a promise to fulfill.

I’m excited to hold the Slow Holler Tarot in my hands. I’ll admit, I am tense about it as well. Mostly because it holds or hopes to hold so many of my identities, there’s a catch of breath in my throat that won’t be released till I hold the beautiful black-gold-red cards in my hand and hopefully see myself. Perhaps unfairly, I’m looking for southern Black complicated gris gris realities that we live right along with those magical escapist imagined futures we seek out in our magic and in each other. Yes, I know, it’s a lot to ask for from one deck, to ask from a community of artists, people, who may be looking for all of these things for themselves and the ones they love in the art that they create.


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Reading for the Week: Seeking Our Truth

Truth is this week’s cause. What can it mean to be true to ourselves, our spirits, our legacies, and our bodies? What can it mean to be true to each other?


So asks The Sojourner, speaker of truths welcome and unwelcome. Our ability to communicate our needs and desires- particularly to each other must be allowed full space. How do we move with more honesty in our relationships? What relationships leave us more likely to minimize, obfuscate, and outright lie? We’ll be asking plenty of hard questions this week in our communication and we are asked to lean into it. Questions are the knock on the truth’s door and we must answer.

The full moon in Gemini will expose the imbalances, fallacies, and untruths and without preparation for that work, we are more prone to be caught up in double speak and two faced manipulations. So do what you know you must, and make space for yourself to meditate on your truth expression- even if it means hiding yourself away for some moments this week.

After the work is done, notice the space created when the stagnant energy of lies, lack, and doubt is moved. Feel out what belongs in that newly cleared space and ensure it fills you.



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on the road

I’m out of town for work!

A prospect about which I’m half and half about most times. The cons being the work (if it’s boring meetings) and the actual traveling part- I hate driving, flying, really any kind of thing that moves me from place to place over long distances- and the pros being I love the very mini-vacation it offers- a chance to not be at home, spend time in a comped room, and have food delivered, etc. In any case, I always travel with the necessities: change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and of course tarot (and tea if I’ve been very good and prepped early enough to blend myself some loose leaf for the trip).

I try to look for a new easy to work spread to try out in new spaces and this time I landed on one from Tarot for Business, a general SWOT analysis spread to reflect on my time and energy while I’m here (at least the work part). Just something quick to give me a little guidance and heighten the interest level on a business trip.


reading from The Stretch Tarot, I love the reworking of the 6 of Wands

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