Tarot of the QTPOC: Gaian Tarot Review

Happy to review this deck long since added to my Tarot of the QTPOC list, The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The original version of the Gaian Tarot was indie released in 2010, then LLewellyn in 2011, and this year by Schiffer and I’m glad for it. Decks like this often sell quick- people are hungry to see themselves in the decks they work with- and what is left available after the first printing is usually price gouged to the high heavens (prayer circle for the Collective Tarot). Reprintings keep decks more accessible, and I especially encourage folks to prioritize the support of indie reprints.

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star of wonder

What a fascinating combination of cards. Most other decks, this would be a clearly upbeat hopeful reading result. But this is Night Vale.

Stars are usually symbols of hope, have been for centuries, but this starlight comes in a bit strange. An alien greeting through space and time, but you don’t know if they come in peace. There’s an ambiguity about what is coming, especially followed by this Four of Wands. The Page of Swords who comes after is braced for what- attack or for defense- it’s hard to know.

This reading feels like a visual depiction of “May you live in interesting times.”


reading from the Welcome to Night Vale Tarot



Deck Review & Interview: Tarot of Trees

I’ve been pining after this deck for some time and it’s finally in my hands!

Tarot of Trees is a gorgeous indie tarot deck by Dana O’Driscoll that works with tree motifs. It is heavily inspired her path as a druid and her deep connection to trees and their spirit.


Birth Cards: The Emperor; Death

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a spread for the first day of summer

It’s officially my first day of vacation and I was feeling a bit bowled over- likely suffering an energy hangover from going full force all year. I needed a bit of direction as well as a push.

Moving from my very comfortable spot on the couch surrounded by my very cuddly, very warm, very sleepy cats to get up and grab one of my tarot decks was not going to happen.

So I did the next best thing and grabbed my phone and opened my rarely used Chrysalis Tarot app. The Chrysalis Tarot app and I don’t always mesh. I find the deck a bit over-involved and the artwork very busy but in this case, a simple three card spread worked well.


from the Chrysalis Tarot app: The Sun, Page of Wands, and Six of Wands

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signal boost: Taurus Tarotscopes Are Out!

Tarotscopes are out! Read your sun, moon, and rising sign with a tarot twist. It’s retrograde season, see what may be coming up for you as the season gets exciting.

What is a Tarotscope anyway?

Much like an astrological forecast in the form of a horoscope, tarotscopes use tarot in conjunction with astrology to give a monthly forecast. This one is special, written by twelve different contributors for maximum perspective.

Yours truly wrote for Libra, though I encourage you to read the whole tarotscope at Siobhan’s Mirror, here!

header image credit: AquaSixio @ DeviantArt

deck interview: Madam Clara Sees All Tarot


Clear, to the point, objective if sometimes a bit too plain. Which makes sense considering this is a deck that comes with the meanings right on the cards. Its messages are practical, and it will do none of the intuitive work for me- that will be on me. It will likely be great for daily  draws. There’s an overarching warning here though, I can’t be too tied to the fact that the meaning of the cards- or at least one of the meanings- is typed up right on the face of the cards. My own intuition is still my best resource when trying to understand the messages I’ve been given.